Multiple People Suffer Gunshot Wounds at a  Dyersburg, Tennessee Birthday Party

Multiple People Suffer Gunshot Wounds at a Dyersburg, Tennessee Birthday Party

The 21-year-old mother of a toddler was gunned down Thursday evening in her house in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The infant is only 2 years old and, fortunately, unharmed. However, this could not be said for at least six other guests who suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Police officers responded to shooting reports around 6:30 p.m. local time. On the scene, the officers discovered multiple people with bullet wounds and a dead 21-year-old woman. According to eye witnesses, the party attendants were celebrating the birthday of a 2-year-old boy when the shooting started.

Eye Witness’ Reports

One of the neighbors, Stephanie Childress, was the first witness present at the gruesome scene. “It was hysterical. The baby was sitting in the high chair and there was two on the porch that were shot. The one lady that I was helping was on the ground”, says Childress.

The neighbor said that she was able to hear three gun shots, at first. After she dialed 9-1-1, Childress heard three or four more on her way towards the house. While she was waiting on emergency responders, another neighbor arrived. He also did his best to keep the victims stable until the paramedics could respond.

She attempted to perform CPR on the young mother, but did not manage to resuscitate her, because of the severe gunshot wounds. Stephanie Childress put her best first-aid knowledge to use and was focusing on keeping the young mother breathing until paramedics could take over. Unfortunately, she was unable to save her, despite her best efforts.

Police Reports

Police officers all across Tennessee are looking relentlessly for the suspects. As of now, the motive of the mass shooting is yet unclear. However, neighbors believe the shooting was gang-related. Furthermore, police did not apprehend the suspects, but the search goes on.

Moreover, a 6-year-old boy is among the victims count who suffered multiple gunshot wounds. A helicopter transported him to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis shortly after the paramedics arrived on the scene. However, officials do not comment on his condition. Also, according to the hospital officials, the facility is on lockdown by the police, as a precaution.

Tennessee Crime Rate

According to the FBI, Dyersburg, Tennessee is the second most violent city in the state. The list further includes Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga, as well.

With a population of nearly 17,000, Dyersburg experienced a rapid rise in violent crimes in recent years. Mainly due to the gang-related shootings, assaults, or property crimes. Hence, between 2012 and 2013, Tennessee crime rate increased a staggering 43%. As a result, one in 64 Dyersburg residents is prone to gunshot wounds, aggravated assault, and even murder.

Also, the property crime rate is now 7% higher than previous decades. In 2014 alone, there were 371 murders registered out of a total of nearly 250,000 crimes. Furthermore, according to the US Bureau of Justice, Tennessee had 375 law enforcement agencies in 2008. With each employing nearly 16,000 police officers, there are about 256 troopers for each 100,000 residents.
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