Gray Hair Gene has been discovered

"Gray Hair Gene has been discovered "

A team of scientists has traced the greying issue to the IRF4 gene, which plays a role in hair color.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT ­– People may not need to trouble themselves any longer with their hair going gray, because the scientists have identified a specific genetic marker that makes our hair go gray. The gray hair gene has been discovered by a team of medical researchers who has been investigating the genetic history of over 6000 people, most of them having a Latin American ancestry.

Indeed, we can say that this discovery is, if not remarkable than handy, especially for those who choose to go to great lengths to hide their age. According to the team of researchers involved in this new project, the discovery of the gray hair gene might have numerous application, especially in cosmetics and in forensics.

To see if there is, in fact, a genetic market responsible for gray hair, the team of medical investigators, led by Doctor Kaustubh Adhikari, went over the medical records of over 6000 volunteers, many of them having a Latin American ancestry.

The project’s goal was to identify a new genetic marker that can account for hair color, the shape of the hair, density and general appearance. According to Doctor Adhikari, the team discovered that the IRF4 gene was and is responsible for gray hair. Normally, this gene plays a significant role in the process which determines hair color, but it seems that this is the first time someone managed to link gray hair to a gene.

Moreover, the head researcher also stated that this is also the first time when someone tried to conduct research on hair color on this scale. As explained by the team, this discovery can have various applications, the most important being in the cosmetic industry and forensics.

Now, the IRF 4 gene has quite a role to play when it comes to producing and storing melanin. The team discovered that this gene instructs our body on how much melatonin to produce and how much to store. As we know, Melanin is a pigment which determines the color of our skin, hair, and eyes.

Moreover, our hair usually goes gray due to an absence of melanin in the hair’s follicles. The scientists working on the project are currently investigating the role of IRF 4 in melanin producing and storage.

If the team is successful in tracking down the actual graying mechanism, the implications will be considerable. By understanding how the IRF4 gene works, scientists can develop new cosmetic products that will be capable of slowing down or even stopping our hair from going gray.

Gray hair gene has been discovered and, presently, the scientists are trying to figure out how to use the newly-found genetical to manufacture cosmetic products.

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