Grave-Robbers Pilfered Shakespeare’s Skull

"Grave-Robbers Pilfered Shakespeare’s Skull "

A team of British archeologists confirmed that Shakespeare’s skul is missing from his grave.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – While investigating the playwright’s earthly remains, a team of archeologists from Great Britain has discovered that Shakespeare’s skull has vanished into thin air. Their finding confirms rumors, according to which the tomb has been opened and desecrated sometime during the 18th century.

Shakespeare’s whole existence has been shrouded in mystery. A man perhaps way ahead of his time, during his life, the playwright managed to win the hearts and minds of his admirers. However, a man of such reputation has also attracted the attention of many critics who were set on scorning the genius.

Many centuries after Shakespeare’s death, many philologists have wondered whether Shakespeare, the man and the historical figure, was actually the true author of his plays or whether he was a just a simple curator.

As the debates rage on, not one soul has paused to ponder upon what happened to the great playwright after his early interment.

Recently, a team of archeologists from Great Britain managed to get the approval of the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon to conduct an archeological survey at the poets resting place. To ensure that the genius’s earthly remains are not vexed, the team used a device called ground-penetrating radar.

The sonar-like device granted the archeologists the opportunity of finding out what the inside of Shakespeare’s grave looks like. Upon their first sweep, the team discovered an anomaly. Kevin Colls, the team’s leader said that when the team performed its first passing with the radar, they’ve discovered an anomalous patch over the place where the playwright’s head should have been.

After taking a closer look, the team discovered, much to their astonishment, that the poet’s head was missing and that the area around the head showed signs of disturbance. The team explained that there were rumors, dating back from the second half of the 18th century, about Shakespeare’s skull missing.

The investigation validated the rumors. And now, another mystery arises. If Shakespeare’s skull is not in his grave, then where is it? And when did it disappear?

Unfortunately, no one can say for sure what became of the skull, but it would seem that the archeologists know for a fact when the head disappeared. According to these rumors, the playwright’s head was appropriated from his grave, in 1794, by trophy hunters.

Another story claimed that the Shakespeare’s skull was hidden in sealed crypt at a church near Stratford-upon-Avon. However, the investigators claimed that the skull in question belonged to an elderly woman, who died in her 70s, whereas Shakespeare died at 58 years old.

The team also revealed a couple of interesting fact about Shakespeare’s place of interment. According to their scans, it would seem that the poet wasn’t buried in a coffin. His body was wrapped in a shroud, and placed into a shallow grave. Ann Hathaway, Shakespeare’s wife is also buried in the same grave.

 Photo credits:wikipedia