Google’s rolling out the Second OTA Update for Nexus

"Google’s rolling out the Second OTA Update for Nexus"

Google announced that a second security update for Nexus devices will roll out in March.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Don’t freak out too much, but according to Google’ recent statement, it would seem that Nexus handsets will receive a second OTA update. This brings us to the grand total of two security update over the course of a single month. Should we be worried?

When it comes to update, it’s not that unusual to see two OTA updates in a single month. But when Google announces the second update, everybody knows that there must be something amiss.

Recently, Google declared that during the following week, the company will release the second OTA security update for Nexus handsets. Come to think of it, these security updates are just what the doctor ordered, especially for users who have either unlocked devices or handsets blocked to s single wave-carrier.

Now, why is Google rushing to release the second firmware update? Well, it seems that the company faces a bit of crisis. Not too long ago, Google identified a flaw it the phone’s software. More specifically, one of Linux’s kernels could have easily been exploited by a rooting software.

At that time, the company reported that a user claimed that he was able to root any Nexus device by taking advantage of the kernel’s vulnerability. Back then, Google said that the vulnerability was not that serious, and postponed the launch until April 2016.

In the meantime, Zimperium made public the problem, which urged Google to speed up the process. And now, according to the tech company, instead of having to wait around until April, Nexus users will receive the security update this week.

Moreover, Google’s partners are likely to roll out the OTA security update at the beginning of April.

In terms of security, there is little a user can do in order to fend off this kind of malware. However, it order to help the user, Google’s come up with a list of suggestions.

The first things you should keep in mind when downloading a new application is never to get it from an authorized source. Google highly recommends that users download apps only from Google Play because the company usually double-checks application before uploading them.

Another good tip is to install your updates on a regular basis. The process takes about 10 minutes. We know that some of you cannot switch off the phone for such a long time, but, in the long run, it’s worth the effort.

As we understand, Google’s putting the finishing touches on the firmware update, and will start rolling it sometime during next week.

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