Google Updated Maps to Include Pit Stops

"Google Updated Maps to Include Pit Stops "

You can now use Google Maps to schedule several pit stops along the way.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT ­– It seems like Google’s doing everything in its power to appease its customer. Recently, the tech giant stated that Google Maps application on iOS will now be able to use pit stop and waypoint. Google updated Maps to include pit stops, which are an essential part of each journey.

If you were thinking that Google Maps has magically transform into some application that shows you the location of services where you can change your tires and oil under a minute, then think again.

Actually, before launching this app, Google was thinking more along the lines: is there a way for someone to search for a place after plotting a route using Maps? Yes, the first mobile version of Google Maps was incredible, but it had a couple of glitches. One of those glitches referred to the driver’s inability to search for various points of interests like gas stations or grocery stores while navigating.

Before Google launched the newest version of the mobile application, when someone searched for a particular location while navigating, Google Maps would have stopped tracking the car. Well, it seems that Google managed to find a way around this awkward situation.

The new and improved version of Google Maps is now available for download in the Apple Store. Just head on over to the store and press the “Update” button to get this new feature.

So, how do you use the pit stop function? Well, let’s say that you are on your way to you family which lives a couple of miles from the city. The traffic is infernal and so, you would ask the application to calculate an alternate route.

While following the new path, you soon come to realize that you’ve completely forgotten to buy some milk and some eggs. Just, type in the extra box what you want to find, and Google Maps will show you a list of grocery shops that are on your route.

Apart from displaying the nearest point of interest while tracking your car, the improved app can even show the length of the trip and what other thought about the shop.

Furthermore, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of taking your hands off the driving wheel to search for stuff, then you can use voice commands to schedule a pit stop. Google also added a 3D touch feature to the app.

Google updated Maps to include pit stops and waypoints. The application, which was initially released for Android, is now available for iPhones.