Google Takes More Steps Towards Education

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Google takes more steps towards Education by shifting power to the teachers

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Google takes more steps towards Education by shifting power to the teachers, through improved quizzes and other apps. Google Cast lets teachers share content with students through clever presentations and sharing screens.

The Google Cast works by giving control over the conversation to teachers. All they have to do is launch the app and create an interactive discussion. Students can join the app and share screens. This app is compatible with Google classroom and costs nothing.

The second upgrade comes in the form of forms for tests and feedback. Now, teachers can give virtual quizzes to classes, without using paper. Google forms have been updated to integrate tests into the platform.

The innovatively designed multiple choice questions and tick boxes make it easy for teachers to check their students’ answers.

The third app from Google is all about Virtual Reality. This way, teachers can organize 3D tours of museums, virtual field trips or visits to historical landmarks, without even leaving the classroom.

This app is called Google Expeditions, and it allows the class to go for a trek in the outdoors, or visit famous places, bringing interactive lessons to reality. The TES portal has Virtual Reality Content designed for schools. Using Google tools, teachers can download the app and its’ features for use in the classroom.

However, some question this type of VR’s authenticity. Sometimes, it can feel like you are in the middle of Google Street View, which isn’t very engaging after all.

Overall, Google Expeditions has the advantage of taking a whole class to less accessible places, some of which may be far off, and this makes it an ideal tool for kids, possibly more engaging than staring into a textbook.

Since 2015, Google has created over 200 expeditions. According to Google, the Expedition Pioneer Program launched in 2015 was a success, allowing a million students from different countries to take Virtual Reality Trips, ranging from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to The Great Coral Reef.

From now on, Expeditions will be available for teachers to use, through Best Buy. Expedition kits contain several viewers and hardware.

With creativity demand expected to rise from future employers, Google bets on taking more steps towards education, making it accessible and entertaining for everyone.

Image Source – Flickr