Educational Tools from Google

google chromebook educational tools

Google launched new educational tools that would enrich the classroom experience.

At a recent tech event that took place in Denver, Google launched four educational tools that would enhance the classroom experience.

The new features include Cast for Education, Quizzes in Google Forms, creative apps in Chromebook, and the Expedition app.

Chromebook became a major success for students and teachers because of its low cost and its ability to integrate thousands of apps.

The new apps created for Chromebook are the product of Google’s collaboration with EdTechTeacher, an organization that aims to help teachers use high technology to enrich the learning experience in class.

„Teachers are great communicators, collaborators, creators and critical thinkers. It takes a teacher to empower students with these skills and create the leaders of our future,” said the leaders of the Google for Education program in the project’s blog.

ExplainEverything, WeVideo, and Soundtrap are some of the apps offered to Chromebooks owners. For example, one of them is an interactive whiteboard that can be used in school projects presentations; it enables real-time collaboration and sharing, and it has advanced drawing tools.

Moreover, the apps will be compatible with all popular operating systems, like iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Android.

The other educational tools include Expedition app, which is a beta program launched in September last year that offered the experience of virtual trip fields to more than 1 million users. As the testing period is over, Google will make the app available on every Android device. Moreover, Google promised to make it accessible for Apple devices too.

Schools can buy Expedition kits with the help of financing education programs that would offer them substantial discounts. The package includes the router, a tablet, and a virtual reality viewer, and Google is prepared to ship them before the school start.

Another technical solution aims at offering students and teachers a simpler way of screen sharing. Until now, teachers had to use a computer connected to the projector to show the class visual information. Google Cast app will give the teacher the authority to permit the access to any of his or hers students to the projector, with no additional hardware.

Google Forms will also offer built-in quizzes for teachers, which come after the company received numerous requests to make the feature more suitable to classroom use. Quizzes will be automatically graded, and will include multiple choice questions and checkboxes.

Based on the examination results, teachers will get a progress report which can be used to provide students with additional information and more explanations on the topics that are unclear.

Google is not the only software developer that approached classrooms. Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have their educational tools that are offered to students and teachers in a fairly non-competitive manner.

Image Source: Flickr