German Researchers Beamed in Classical Information

"German Researchers Beamed in Classical Information "

The University of Jena was recently the host of a Star Trek-inspired experiment.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Popular science-fiction shows like Star Trek have always attracted fans from all over the world by making science look cooler. This kind of shows also proved that with a little imagination and a lot of know-how, transforming science fiction into science fact is a piece of cake. A team of German researchers proved just that after they’ve successfully beamed in classical information.

At the time, the classic TV show aired everyone believed that stuff like flip-phones, automatic doors, video calls, energy shield and tractor beams are fiction and nothing else. Well, it would seem that, over the years, science and scientists managed to turn some of these gizmos into reality.

Now almost every market and store are equipped with an automatic door, and everyone can enjoy HQ video calls from the comfort of their smartphones. And now, it seems that we are getting closer to developing beaming technology. Or pretty close.

Professor Doctor Alexander Szameit is a renowned physicist working at the University of Jena in Germany. Apart from being as astute physics teacher and researcher, the professor is also a science-fiction fan. On some occasions, Szameit likes to say that the things we’ve seen in Star Trek are gradually becoming reality.

And now, he and his team, are on the verge of writing a new chapter in the book of quantum physics. Recently, the science-fiction aficionado and his team of researchers managed to trigger a localized teleportation phenomenon. Thus, the team managed to prove that teleportation is possible, but under very strict condition.

The whole process rests on a relatively new concept called quantum teleportation. This concept is known for some time now, but this is the first time someone managed to experiment with it.

Now, as professor Szameit explains it, the team was able to teleport only elementary particle like electrons and light particles, which also happens to carry classical information. Szameit explained that thanks to the delocalized state of this particle (a particle can be in two places at once), teleportation between two sites was possible without any loss of information or time.

The experiment performed by the scientists at the University of Jena demonstrated that the properties of quantum particles can be transmitted in the classical world. Now, by using a highly specialized laser beam, the scientist managed to entangle (encode) several light particles.

By using this technique, the scientists successfully teleported information encoded in the laser light’s polarization direction to the shape of laser flux. Szameit said that currently, this process only works locally and that the team still has much work to do before they can begin teleporting another object over long distances.

However, even though the process only functions over small distances, the information is transmitted instantaneously and without any loss.

It seems that we have to wait around some more for phaser banks, energy shields and Data.

Photo credits:flickr