Donald Trump Chooses Gen. James Mattis for Department of Defense

Donald Trump Chooses Gen. James Mattis for Department of Defense

This Thursday, Donald Trump made the announcement that he has made his final decision regarding who should lead the Department of Defense. The President-elect had been in talks with Marine Gen. James N. Mattis. General Mattis was a close advisor to Trump during the presidential campaign and informed his views on national security. One of the key influences that was visible in the talking points of candidate Trump was his strong stance that defeating ISIS must become a priority. After a round of talks, as part of the process of putting together the future Trump administration, that the transition team is handling, Donald Trump made his final decision.

Political Islam

As Secretary of Defense, General Mattis is likely to focus on the threat that radical Islam has become to the United States of America. Incidents at home and abroad that have put American lives in danger and have at times cost American lives have led to strong points of view among some military top brass that Islamic terrorist organizations pose a very real threat to the United States that should be addressed with urgency.

General James N. Mattis has said that the United States should react to what he called “political Islam”, probably taking into account the ambition of DAESH to become a Caliphate encompassing present-day Iraq and Syria. With the ultimate ambition of the terrorist organization to establish itself as an independent state entity and effectively put another country on the map of the world. Another aspect of General Mattis mentioning “political Islam” could be the ties that radical Islam terrorist organizations have with Wahhabi and Salafi movements in the Muslim world. The Wahhabi and Salafi movements often have ties to political movements that successfully gain access to political power in the countries of the Muslim World.

The next Secretary of Defense, General James N. Mattis holds the point of view that “political Islam” is the number one security issue that the United States is facing right now.

General James N. Mattis

Donald Trump recently went on a “thank you tour” across the United States of America to thank his supporters for voting for him during the presidential elections of 2016. One of the stops of the thank you tour was in Cincinnati, the very first one. At the rally, Donald Trump made the announcement that they were going to appoint General James N. Mattis. The announcement will be made this Monday.

“We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our secretary of defense,”

said President-elect Donald Trump.

General James N. Mattis was the chief of U.S. Central Command up until 2013. He has often said that Washington doesn’t have a strategy for the Middle East. He sees Washington’s approach to handling issues as ineffective. Also, he believes that Washington’s strategy is to take things one-by-one until the matter is settled.

While at the Heritage Foundation in 2015, General James N. Mattis spoke about the separate challenges of ISIS and the terrorism that Iran backs in the world. He questioned whether or not political Islam was in the best interest of the United States.