Gawker Founder Attacks ‘Thin-Skinned’ Peter Thiel in Open Letter

'Peter Thiel'

In an open letter, Gawker Media owner Nick Denton criticized Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel (pictured) for his role in Hulk Logan’s suit against the  group.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Just one day after billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel unveiled that he had funded Hulk Logan’s lawsuit against media-gossip site Gawker over a sex tape leak, Gawker founder Nick Denton wrote an open letter to Thiel and posted it on his site.

Denton slammed Thiel for trying to destroy his site and for orchestrating a “diabolical decade-long scheme for revenge.” He even called Thiel names saying that he turned into a “comic book villain.”

Thiel disclosed Wednesday that he backed the wrestler’s lawsuit against Gawker the entire time. He also admitted that he has been looking for suits against Gawker to bankroll for several years now.

In Logan’s case, he spent about $10 million. In the end the website was ordered to pay Logan $140 million in compensation. The ruling, however, will be probably appealed.

On Thursday, an open letter was posted on Gawker. The letter starts with a 2007 piece about Thiel coming out as gay, which reportedly upset Thiel at the time. Denton also noted that the tech entrepreneur, who has now a $2.7 billion net worth, heavily invested in LGBT groups including HomoCon.

Denton speculated that Thiel wanted to keep that part of his life secret because his hedge fund investors might turn against him. The editor also speculated that Thiel’s lust for revenge made him throw $10 million on the recent lawsuit.

Denton noted that two other legal campaigns against his website were represented by the same attorney who helped Logan win his case. The Gawker founder believes that his rival intentionally ran a “diabolical decade-long scheme” just to get his revenge.

The piece also urged Thiel to stop financing the other two lawsuits and engage in a “more constructive exchange” instead. Additionally, Denton suggested that the tech billionaire lacks the “thicker skins” and “sophistication” of the rich people in Washington D.C., L.A., and NYC – old-school “power centers” as compared with Silicon Valley.

Denton admitted that Gawker has often attacked tech entrepreneurs because the public doesn’t like how technology shapes today’s media. Plus, the blogsite’s staff doesn’t like it either how tech sites tend to depict Silicon Valley businessmen only positively.

As a response, Thiel said in a recent statement that Gawker Media deserves its fate as it has “built its business on humiliating people for sport.” He also noted that freedom of the press does not include what the site did to Logan.

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