Funding Crucial in Fight against Breast Cancer

Funding Crucial in Fight against Breast Cancer

In Delaware, research into how breast cancer affects women has been made possible by a generous donation from the Susan G. Komen organization. The recipient, Aapril Kloxin, is looking at how cancer occurs again in breast cancer survivors who fought breast cancer and won.

Kloxin is just one of many researchers and clinicians that are on a mission to definitively beat breast cancer cells. But their fight against breast cancer needs funding. Money funds research and the results of that research can make a crucial difference in the survival rates of breast cancer patients.

Funding for Research into Successfully Treated Breast Cancer Patients

April Kloxin is an engineering professor at the University of Delaware. Also, she is a Pew Scholar in the field of Biomedical Science. She has found an interesting statistic regarding breast cancer and how it acts in the human body and wants to find out more. In her work she came across the fact that one in five women that had breast cancer develop cancer again. According to statistics, it takes between five to 25 years for cancer to strike again. When it does, it affects other areas of the body, like the bones or the lungs. So, 20 percent of women that are successfully treated for breast cancer and become cancer-free have to fight cancer again in their lifetime. April Kloxin was intrigued by the statistic and set out to find out why that happens.

April Kloxin has received a research grant from Susan G. Komen to study this further. At $450,000 it is one of the most significant grants that any researcher in Delaware has received in the past 20 years. She is going to use the money to fund her research and find out why breast cancer cells remain dormant in the human body. Only to attack again years after treatment. She is also trying to find out if anything specifically brings them back into activity.

Women Work to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

Advocates for breast cancer awareness say that the impact of research into breast cancer is visible. Through new programs and research innovation, women’s health has improved. With every new advance, women stand a better at chance at fighting breast cancer and winning.

Women are expanding considerable effort to get the money together to fund the research for breast cancer. They organize and put together fundraising events. Using their ingenuity, they have put together bake sales, 5k races and other events. Even if those efforts seem small, together they have raised millions for breast cancer research.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of federal money go into cancer research. But for breakthroughs to happen more funding is necessary. So, the work of organizations like Susan G. Komen is pivotal to the fight against breast cancer. Since the organization started its activity in 1982, Susan G. Komen has put $889 million into breast cancer research.

Experts say that new research has improved cancer survival rates, together with new and better patient programs. Data from 1975 from the National Institutes of Health shows that a quarter of all women diagnosed had a negative chance of surviving even five years after their diagnosis. Now, that survival rate for breast cancer patients is 89.7%.

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