Full-Fat Dairy Foods Might Lower Diabetes Risk


BEACON TRANSCRIPTA recent study suggests that full-fat dairy foods are actually healthier than the ones with low fats since people who consume them have a much lower risk of developing diabetes. The information contradicts facts that have been reinforced for decades, and people were encouraged to consume skimmed products.

Low-fat dairy food has been heavily promoted as being healthier, being distributed even in schools. Additionally, many dietary guidelines include the benefits of such products.

However, the previous information seems to have some errors, as a new study has proven that people who consume full-fat dairy foods are less prone to become overweight or develop diabetes. Published in the Circulation journal, the results point towards the fact that those of us who eat or drink byproducts made from whole-fat dairy are 46 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who consume skimmed products.

Based on data collected by the Nurses’ Health Study of Health Professionals national survey, the study involved over three thousand participants who were observed over the course of fifteen years. According to the study’s lead author Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, the official recommendations for the consumption of low-fat dairy should be reconsidered.

Furthermore, there is no “prospective human evidence” that proves that those who consume dairy products low in fat are actually healthier than people who are not so concerned about what they eat. But why were low-fat dairy foods recommended before, and what has changed?

It was previously believed that diabetes could be kept at bay by taking in fewer calories, thus consuming products low in fats. However, people who did so had to compensate the loss and ended up eating bad carbohydrates or more sugar which both encourage the development of diabetes.

As for the gain of weight, the researchers found that the risk of lower diabetes linked to low-fat products remained the same, no matter the weight gain. The current study supports a previous paper that was released in the American Journal of Nutrition. This research has proven that women who consume full-fat dairy regularly can decrease the risk of gaining weight by eight percent.

Mozaffarian believes the official recommendations are biased since they are based only on one nutrient in a specific type of food and does not analyze the food in general. It seems that if people give up on eating the fat in the food, they will replace it with either added sugars or carbohydrates which are later on transformed into body fat as well.

Image Source: Agrodaily