A Former National Security Agency Contractor Stole 500 Million Pages of Documents

A Former National Security Agency Contractor Stole 500 Million Pages of Documents

A former contractor that worked for the National Security Agency amassed a considerable amount of information. The person is believed to have obtained 500 million pages of documents belonging to the NSA. He stole the massive number of documents bit by bit over a period of two decades. The documents also included top-secret information about military operations.

The Justice Department submitted a court filling this Thursday against Harold “Hal” Martin III. Prosecutors arrested him and charged him with theft of government property. He was also charged with the unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents.

The Court Filling from the Justice Department Brings More Charges

The case of Harold “Hal” Martin III became public knowledge only recently. Until then, any information about the proceedings was kept under seal. It is a significant amount of data that Martin stole. Also, it raises concerns that he was able to get away with it for twenty years.

The new court filling points to the possibility of the Justice Department charging Martin with more crimes. One of the charges could be the violation of the Espionage Act. That is an offense that carries a much heavier penalty than what Martin is currently facing.

Jim Wyda is Harold Martin’s attorney. He did not make any comments regarding the new filling from the Justice Department. However, Martin’s attorney has previously stated that his client is a patriotic American and was only serving his country.

A federal court scheduled a hearing for Harold Martin for this Friday. The court is considering whether or not to release Martin while he is waiting for his trial. Ahead of the hearing, the Justice Department released its document. It details the new allegations that the Justice Department is going to bring in the case. The document points to what the scope of Martin committing the crime could have been. Also, it brings attention to the fact that Martin was heavily armed at the time he was caught. He had accumulated 10 weapons by then. Another point that the document tries to make is that Martin was aware of what he was doing. He took sophisticated steps to hide and cover his tracks so as to not get caught.

Harold Martin Had 50 Terabytes of Information

Harold “Hal” Martin III is a former Naval officer. After that, he worked as a contractor for Allen Hamilton Holding Corp. That gave him access to secret NSA programs as well as access to the Pentagon. According to the Justice Department, when they searched his home and his car, investigators found “thousands of pages of documents and dozens of computers and other storage devices and media containing, conservatively, fifty terabytes of information.” Fifty terabytes can hold approximately 500 million pages of documents.

For Friday’s hearing in federal court, the legal team representing Harold Martin wrote that their client is not a flight risk. Nor is he a danger to the community. The team argued that, should these factors be a concern, their client could receive “special release conditions”.

Image source: Wikipedia.