Forever Young Thanks to the New Second Skin

"Forever Young Thanks to the New Second Skin"

You can now keep yourself forever young thanks to the new second skin.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – You can now keep yourself forever young thanks to the new second skin, a new development by the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The new anti-aging cream is designed to tighten up your skin and take some years off your appearance. So throw away those granny clothes, because you won’t look your age anymore.

The cream was developed by MIT, that gave license to two companies – Living Proof and Olivo Labs – known to work closely with the lab.

The cream is basically a material made of a transparent polymer that tightens the skin and eliminates the unaesthetic eye bags. Researchers have been looking for a material like this for five years. The new product is called XPL and works even better than the material used for wound dressing. Scientists have screened approximately 100 compounds until going for the polysiloxane, XPL for short.

This polymer can be applied on the skin in thin layers in a two-step process. First, you have to apply the polysiloxane components. Then, apply a platinum catalyst that will help the polymer form a film – the so-called “second skin”. It will remain on the skin for as long as 24 hours. Both of these layers can be easily applied to the skin just as any other cream. The XPL becomes invisible, so nobody will know your secret.

Tests have been conducted, and they show that the human skin is indeed reshaped. Researchers applied the “skin” on 25 volunteers. The results were so positive that scientists brag that such accomplishment has previously been achieved only through plastic surgery. The polymer also improved skin hydration. No side effects have been recorded. The cream is completely safe to use. To take off the XPL, you only have to peel it off or use make-up removal. So there there’s no reason not to choose to stay forever young thanks to the new second skin that can only benefit you.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of it, the cream will have other properties as well. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers hope to one day develop the cream so that it can offer protection from dermatitis and eczema as well. Olivo Labs will work on developing the polymer to deliver drugs to the skin. It might even be used on burn victims.