First UK Company to Introduce Period Leaves

"First UK Company to Introduce Period Leaves"

Female workers may now take some time off when during their period.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – We all know what it’s like to feel off, especially when we are at work. Imagine that it is even harder for women to focus on a task when they are on their periods. While most companies don’t view this as an excuse to send a female employee home, some are beginning to change their opinions slowly. Coexist is the first UK company to introduce period leaves, thus joining other major companies who have implemented this policy.

Coexist is a community and arts center from Great Britain. Having less than 25 employees, the company’s management goes to great lengths to provide for its employees.

Recently, the company’s board has implemented a long overdue policy regarding the nature of sick leave. According to the Coexist, women who are on their periods are now entitled to take a leave of absence.

Moreover, according to the board, they female employees who choose to do so, have the right to make up for the time spent at home over the course of the month.

Ben Baxter, one of the company’s directors, declared that he and the board of directors are aware of what is like for a female employee to work during their periods. He also said that pain associated with the menstrual cycle should receive the same treatment as any pain.

As of now, the employees working for the company, are entitled to a leave of absence, no matter the nature of their suffering. But the company stresses out that this policy change is designed especially for the female employees.

The same Baxter also declared that there were many times when he saw a woman worker wrestling down her menstrual pains. He also pointed out that this won’t do.

And so, with the implemented changes, Coexist now joins a much large community, which includes Nike and several companies from China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

In 2007, Nike was the first company to introduce this policy which affected the status of its female workers. Other companies joined Nike since then, and now, it would seem that yet another firm decided that it’s high-time to address this sensitive issue.

According to Baxter, the company is going to host a seminar on March, 15, where it will explain the nature of the policy and how it is going to impact both the employees and the company.

The director also pointed out that this change of heart was based on Alexandra Pope’s work for the Red School programme.

Coexist is the first UK company to introduce period leaves. We can be sure that other firms will follow the example set by Coexist.

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