First Look at System Shock Remake Pre-Alpha Version

"First Look at System Shock Remake Pre-Alpha Version "

System Shock’s remake looks stunning and even more bloodchilling.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Wondered what happened to Night Dive’s remake of the System Shock One? Here is the answer to your question. Recently, the dev team posted a 2-minute video clip on the web about to show how the game will feel like once it is released. Let’s take our first look at the System Shock Remake Pre-Alpha Version.

Before we head on over to the clip itself, let us get a few things straight. First of all, SS Remake is just remake, not the third installment of the game. Second, according to Night Dive Studios, there were no additions to the storyline, meaning that gamers will basically play the same System Shock One.

The first version of the game was released back in 1994. Needless to say that System Shock One was way ahead of its time, because it basically had every ingredient of a great game: stunning graphics, immersive atmosphere, and thrilling gameplay.

In fact, the game has been received so well by both gamers and critics that every FPS ever released after that was inspired by this great game.

After 22 years and countless of requests, the developers were enticed into recreating the twisted world of System Shock. In an interview granted to Polygon, the gaming company said that the enhanced version of the game will be even more thrilling and bone-chilling than the first installment of the gamer.

Furthermore, in order to give the gamers a taste of what is like to be marooned on a space vessel orbiting Saturn, with everything and everyone trying to kill you, Night Dive Studios has worked long and hard on the graphical engine.

The results is an atmosphere that not only entices you to replay the game, but it will surely make your skin crawl.

As we’ve pointed out before, Night Dive said that all in all the game is pristine, meaning that the only things changed were the rendering engine and some improvements to the HUD system. Apart from that, the plot, as well as the ending, remain the same.

When asked about a release date, Night Dive declared that the game will probably be launched at the beginning of 2017.

So, what’s it like to face SHODAN, the psychopathic artificial intelligence? Based on the clip below, the sensation is somewhat different from the first installment of the game. And not in a bad way. All in all, the game gives you the same feeling of isolation as Alien Isolation or Stasis.

System Shock the Remake is on its way and last year a company released a remastered version of King’s Quest. The question on everyone’s lips right now is: what’s next? A remake of the Descent franchise or Mech Warrior: Vengeance? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, here is the original clip posted by Night Dive Studio. Note that this is the Pre-Alpha version of the game, which means that the final product may or may not look similar.

Furthermore, to really see the difference between the 1994 and the 2017 version of the game, take a closer look at this video posted by Candyland.

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