The Final Presidential Debate

The Final Presidential Debate

The two presidential candidates agreed to meet three times before Election Day. The campaign teams negotiated three debates during the presidential election campaign. Last night was the third and final presidential debate. Chris Wallace moderated the last face to face encounter between the two nominees before November 8. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump made good use of their last opportunity to persuade voters in a televised debate. There are still undecided voters. But many have made up their mind. Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls, even in some swing states.

The Two Presidential Candidates Face Off One Last Time

The final presidential debate didn’t have many surprises in store for the viewers. The performance of the two candidates was similar to what voters had seen in the previous two debates. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton came to the debate well-prepared. She had taken off time from the campaign trail, specifically to prepare for the debate. While she allocated time for debate prep, others carried her political message. Current president, Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama as well as her former opponents from the primaries, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders attended campaign events for Hillary Clinton. So, the Democratic candidate had plenty of time to hone her debating skills.

Hillary Clinton used her time to put her ideas for the country forward. She made good use of her time, mentioning objectives from her presidential platform. In contrast, Donald J. Trump made an effort to be more presidential during the debate. However, it was difficult for the Republican candidate to refrain from interrupting and interjecting in his well-known style. Donald J. Trump also struggled with the controversy surrounding him about having behaved inappropriately towards several women. He had to use his time to deny the allegations and defend himself and his behavior. The Republican candidate spent most of his time in his comfort zone, appealing to the conservative base.

Donald J. Trump Brought Up the “Rigged Election” Topic

Donald J. Trump used the final presidential debate to bring up something that he has been talking about on the campaign trail. Recently, the Trump campaign and the candidate himself has talked about how the election is “rigged”. During the debate, the moderator asked him directly what he plans to do if he loses the election. The Republican candidate said that he is considering the possibility of calling the result of the election illegitimate. He did not give a direct answer or say that he is prepared to admit defeat. Instead he said that he wants to keep everybody in suspense regarding that. Confronted with her opponent’s attitude and his lack of trust in the electoral process, Hillary Clinton expressed her disappointment. She called the answer that Donald J. Trump gave “horrifying”. Also, she added that he was “talking down our democracy”. Whether Donald J. Trump means what he says about not accepting the result of the election remains to be seen. But the Republican candidate has used this during the campaign to urge his supporters to get out and vote.

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