Females Are Introduced to Rust, Angering Many Players


There are so many things to do until you can get those pants…

Controversy in the world of gaming is by no means something new. And it certainly won’t end any time soon. In fact, it seems like gamers are finding more and more things about which to complain every single day. Although, to be fair, not all gamers are like this. Some actually understand the fact that game developers have the right to implement their own ideas.

One game that has been no stranger to controversy ever since it started is Rust. The action-survival mass multiplayer online was initially started as an ARMA 2 clone, but it quickly gained a personality of its own. And this personality was greatly influenced by the fact that everybody started off naked.

Yeah, the premise of the game is survival. When you start off you’re completely naked, armed with only a sharp rock and a torch. From there you have to start navigating the open world, meeting up with other players, collecting equipment from random drops throughout the map, and hopefully survive without being robbed by another player.

While enough arguments broke out at first over the size of your… package, the game developers made it clear that everything you got in the game, from skin color to penis size, was random and bound to your steam account. This means that once the game decides how you’re going to look, you’re stuck like that.

And now, about a year after the game first appeared on Steam, still in its open beta state, females are introduced to Rust, angering many players.  But why would the introduction of females in the game anger the players, you might ask? Well, just like with the aforementioned skin color and “equipment” size, the gender of your player is also completely random.

This means that half of all Rust players out there woke up this morning to find that their male character was now a female of a random color and appearance. And you can bet that breast size is just as random as penis size. Expectedly, many community members did not appreciate their lack of control over the entire situation and launched off a bunch of angry, threatening e-mails.

Others couldn’t really care less, as they kept on playing the game regardless of their on-screen gender. Kudos to them. Of course, the company was quick to reply after the torrent of upset e-mails, but kept the traditional Rust policy of “we hear you, but this is our game, so we do what we want”.

We understand this is a sore subject for a lot of people. We understand that you may now be a gender that you don’t identify with in real-life. We understand this causes you distress and makes you not want to play the game anymore.

Technically nothing has changed, since half the population was already living with those feelings. The only difference is that whether you feel like this is now decided by your SteamID instead of your real life gender.

And while the game is still in open beta, meaning that the situation is likely to change at any time, many players did actually quit because they didn’t want to be portrayed as a woman on-screen. This might actually get me to consider paying for a game that is still not finished.

Image source: YouTube