FBI Email Investigation Has Little Result

FBI Email Investigation Has Little Result

From the moment FBI Director James B. Comey made the announcement in late October that the bureau was looking into Hillary Clinton’s emails, the FBI had been under intense scrutiny. Many political commentators argued that the FBI email investigation this close to Election Day is going to have an impact on the outcome of the election. But, following an incidental find on the computer of former congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI decided to look further into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Having looked at the emails, the FBI concluded that they found nothing new.

The FBI Keeps Its Decision

After obtaining a warrant, the bureau could analyze the emails that started another chapter in the Clinton email saga. FBI agents worked around the clock, using special software to go through the emails. They were hoping to find anything that would advance their probe. But, after a little over a week, the FBI’s work yielded few results.

This Sunday, FBI Director James B. Comey announced that the investigative team had found nothing new. He states that the FBI investigators had not changed their conclusions. That means that the FBI is standing by its earlier decision to not recommend federal charges against Hillary Clinton.

According to US officials that are familiar with the case, the emails were either personal emails or were duplicative of emails found earlier in the email investigation.

The recommendation from the FBI came after a difficult 10 days. But as it comes two days before Election Day the FBI again received criticism that the bureau’s actions could be influencing the election. Both political parties expressed their discontent at the way the FBI handled the high-profile case.

Congress Is Unhappy with the FBI

From the Republican side, there were complaints about how the announcement was too vague. Some Republicans said that they wanted to know how investigators reached the conclusion that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t face federal charges to begin with.

Democrats were concerned about FBI director James B. Comey notifying Congress about resuming the investigation so close to Election Day. They expressed their views about the investigation possibly affecting the result of the election. However, they were also pleased to see the matter put to rest.

After all this turmoil the losing side doesn’t seem to be either the Donald J. Trump side or the Hillary Clinton side. Losing out from the controversy and the multiple announcements is the reputation of the FBI. Congress seems to be unhappy with the way the FBI chose to proceed.

“In the days that come we will have many questions about the handling of this investigation,”

said Rep. John Conyers Jr.

The chair of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Charles E. Grassley issued a statement where he commented on the “vague” nature of the announcement made by the FBI. The Republican Senator said that the FBI did not provide context for their decision. He added that, considering the way the FBI handled the case, he was not sure whether or not the review was in fact over.

“The growing number of unanswered questions demand explanations: Is the FBI continuing to review the newly-revealed emails?”

said Sen. Charles E. Grassley.

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