FBI Denies Clinton Email Deal

FBI Denies Clinton Email Deal

The October Surprise that was supposed to derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency didn’t happen. Political analysts and pundits were waiting on information that would have had the media talking for a long time. On the Republican side, Donald Trump’s campaign was anticipating a political scandal that would have considerably hurt his opponent’s chances. But the month of October brought nothing more than transcripts of speeches that Clinton gave in the past, where she seems to have a duplicitous position. So Hillary Clinton is doing very well staying away from controversy. However, the Democratic candidate still has to answer questions about the infamous Clinton emails. Even as the FBI recently denied any Clinton email deal.

Hillary Clinton Still Has to Explain Emails

Election Day is on November 8 and there is little time until Americans go to the polls to choose their next president. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton is in the lead in the presidential race. She is ahead eight percentage points in a recent poll. Clinton is doing really well in Democrat states and could even surprise some in red states that used to vote Republican. The Clinton campaign is also ahead when it comes to fundraising, having raised 152 million dollars recently. So, it looks like Hillary Clinton is on her way to the White House and there is little that could stop her in her tracks.

But the Democratic candidate still has to answer issues from when she was Secretary of State. The handling of classified information and where or not she respected the rules in place for that give some reason to doubt whether or not she is capable of holding the highest office in the country. The story of the Clinton emails gives the media information to speculate about. And riled-up Trump supporters at campaign rallies can chant “Lock her up!”. As the Republican candidate himself claims that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president on account of her emails from when she was Secretary of State.

The FBI Didn’t Favor Clinton

In the meantime, the country’s top organizations are trying to put the story to rest. They are issuing statements on the matter and answering the media’s questions about any possible institutional wrongdoing. The press has speculated from the very beginning that institutions of the United States were helping Hillary Clinton cover up the mishandling of classified information. Now, the FBI is saying that there was no “quid pro quo” regarding the classification level of a certain email. The Bureau is denying that there was a Clinton email deal.

Documents made available on Monday showed that there was a back and forth between the FBI and State Department. The exchange was about the classification level of the content of one of Hillary Clinton’s emails that she had on a private email server. It looks like a top State Department official was arguing that the content of the email was not sensitive information. That it should not be considered classified. There is information that Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy went out of his way to persuade the FBI. However, the FBI is clearly stating that there was no deal during the FBI investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s email practices from when she was Secretary of State.

Image source: US Embassy