Facebook Founder Launches Chan Zuckerberg Science

Facebook Founder Launches Chan Zuckerberg Science

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is an organization that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, his wife started last year. As it was set out, the goal of the organization is to advance human potential as well as equality. The organization is going to receive funds of $45 billion in total over time.

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan made an important announcement regarding the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. It looks like the organization is going to take on its first project. The couple wanted to be themselves who let the world know about their first steps in philanthropy.

Chan Zuckerberg Science

The new program of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is going to go by the name of Chan Zuckerberg Science. Under this umbrella name, the Initiative is going to spend $3 billion in the course of the next decade help cure, manage and prevent disease. The program is going to be funded from the $45 billion of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

The Chan Zuckerberg Science project was launched at an event in San Francisco where Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg both spoke.

The program aims to bring together scientists and engineers that will build new, innovative tools for the scientific community. A significant part of the $3 billion will go to the Biohub. The Biohub is a new physical location. It is going to bring together researchers and engineers to look at new ways to fight disease. The researchers are going to come from Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley. The total investment for the Biohub amounts to $600 million.

Priscilla Chan said that the project is going to invest in basic science research. The ultimate goal for the project is curing disease. Chan is a doctor herself, she’s a pediatrician. She shared her personal experience as a physician with the audience. She said that she has had to work with families that found themselves in very difficult times. Chan teared up as she spoke about how difficult it is to hear the news that a loved one has cancer.

The Challenge

Mark Zuckerberg stepped on stage to speak about the main health problems that people face and how the Chan Zuckerberg Science program is going to address them.

The largest number of deaths are caused by cancer, heart disease, neurological disease and infectious disease. So the program will focus primarily on these areas. It is going to work in three steps. First it will bring scientists and engineers together. Secondly, it is going to build new tools and new technology for the scientific community. Lastly, it is going to grow the movement in order to fund science.

Zuckerberg said that the United States spends fifty times more on treating people who have an illness than on curing diseases. By curing diseases people wouldn’t get sick in the first place. He said that he believes we can do much better than that. In order to change the situation, we must think long term. There is a need for funding for research that goes beyond what a typical academic grant can sustain. The money from the The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative can help with that challenge.


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