Elite Dangerous Will Feature VR Support

"Elite Dangerous now Features VR Support "

The games’s VR mode will be launched on the 28th of March and will support HTC Vive and Steam VR.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Sadly, there are only a couple of games which you can play on the new VR platform. HTC Vive VR headset comes with three games, which are not exactly games, but applications which are meant to show you how great it will be to play stuff in VR. Elite Dangerous will feature VR support, which means that now you can turn your room into a huge cockpit.

First thing first. Elite Dangerous will launch its VR support on the 28th of March. With the launching of the VR feature, Elite can indeed be called a multi-platform game, being available on Windows, Xbox One, Mac and soon on VR.

Now, on to more serious matter. What is Elite Dangerous? Well, to put it in simpler terms, it’s another pew-pew, shields down, thrash that intergalactic freak space simulation game.

Like any decent space sim, Elite allows the players to run around the galaxy aimlessly, seeking fortune, fame or a quick death at the hands of space marauders. The also has a cool trade and diplomacy system, which lets the player sell the stuff he or she picked up from space.

Space combat looks beautiful, and it kind of reminds players of X5 or the Descent series. Quest-wise, the players, will have to fulfill quite a lot of quests to rank up and to unlock dynamic updates, shield, weapons and the usual.

Moreover, the game is awfully similar to X3 or X5 regarding space exploration. To explore regions of space, players will have to travel to a conduit-like structure that propels the ship into hyperspace.

According to the game’s developer team, when Elite: Dangerous will be launched it is bound to support the HTC Vive platform and even Steam VR.

And here’s another piece of good news. If you already bought the stand-alone version of the game along with the Horizons expansion pack, then you can get the VR version of the game for free. And, as an incentive, the company is also offering the VR HMD for all the games out there who want to squeeze even more from their gaming experience.

Furthermore, according to the company, players will be able to play the game in co-op mode, regardless of platform, meaning that you can now engage in large space battle or space exploration mission with your buds playing from any of the listed platforms.

As always, we are eagerly waiting for the first review clip for the VR platform to see if it’s time to switch to VR or not.

Photo credits:youtube