Elderly Abuse Is a Serious Concern

photo of two elderly people

Currently, a North Carolina senior center is trying to raise awareness of the fact that elderly abuse is a serious concern, and it should be dealt with. The organizers are seeking to teach individuals how to spot the signs of elderly abuse and where they should report such an act.

June is the awareness month for the elder and the vulnerable. With this occasion, the Senior Center in South Iredell is teaching individuals how to spot the signs of abuse. Lt. Scott Spiegel gave a lecture at the event, showing the members of the elderly community that abuse should always be reported.

Elderly abuse can have different shapes. It can take the form of physical abuse, psychological abuse, neglect, right violations, sexual abuse, and financial abuse.

According to Lt. Spiegel, financial abuse is the most common form in Mooresville. Usually, the abuse comes from either the caregivers or the family members of the victim. The money grab is associated with threats of neglect and the victim often renounces the idea of prosecuting the abusers, conforming with their demands.

“This isn’t a victimless crime. People are stealing nest eggs and the financial support that their victims planned to see them through the rest of their lives,” said the lieutenant during his speech.

It seems that the majority of victims are females aged 75 or higher. They also tend to suffer from physical disabilities or mental problems and are dependent on another person.

The profile of the abuser shows him or her as a person with drug or gambling problems.

Luckily, due to the increasingly reported cases of financial abuse, banks are now forced to report any suspicious interaction between an elderly person and a caregiver, or a family member.

Moreover, the police officer advised the elderly audience never to give out personal information to caregivers or over the phone. Particularly in the case of unsolicited services, which are the usual cover for scams.

Another popular form of elderly abuse is neglect. In this instance, the victim does not receive proper care when it comes to feeding, bathing, clothing, and medicating. Spiegel explained that in these cases, the abuser isn’t inflicting his negative on the victim on purpose, this type of behavior being a side effect of a mental breakdown.

Physical and sexual abuse are the rarest forms of elderly abuse, but they do happen. Authorities are advising anybody who suspects that an elderly is abused to notify the police immediately.

Image source: Wikipedia