Early Voting Starts

Early Voting Starts

The presidential election is less than 50 days away. The competition between the two candidates is intensifying as the day gets nearer. Monday is the day of the first presidential debate hosted by CNN. Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are expected to go head to head for the first time in a debate. After launching attacks and making disparaging comments about each other from the campaign trail, the two nominees will finally be facing each other in a debate.

Early Voting Is Under Way

The race is a close one, with no clear projected winner so far. In fact, there is plenty of time for the tables to turn on either candidate. Both Clinton and Trump have their core of supporters. But they both have to reach out for more votes, if they want to get the number of electoral votes that they need to win. So far, neither candidate is in a safe, comfortable zone, where they are certain of victory.

So, the race for the White House is still unfolding with many still waiting to see what the candidates have to say about the issues. Many are looking forward to the debates, where the contrast between the two nominees is going to be even more striking. But some have already made up their minds about who they are going to vote for. It is that core group of supporters, that is going to support their candidate of choice no matter what happens until November.

Those who can and want to vote early, already have this possibility in a number of states. Early voting has just started so there is a very small number of votes cast so far. From the states and localities that have reported, there are 9,525 votes that citizens have expressed.

Only a small part of the electorate has asked for a ballot or has voted one. But by the end of it, more than 100 million are going to vote. So the pace of people casting an early vote is going to increase. As Election Day gets closer and people make their choices, more and more people are going to cast their ballot.

The Early Voters

There are two types of early voters. First, there are the ones that are in a situation where they have to vote an absentee ballot. For example, military stationed abroad uses absentee ballots to express their political choice. There are, of course, other situations where you can find yourself asking for an absentee ballot. This is the first part of the number of people who cast an early vote. The second type of early voters are those who have made up their minds in advance of the last day of the campaign. Usually, they are the type that follows politics closely. They already know what the candidates have said about the issues from statements made on the campaign trail. So they are comfortable casting their vote as they have made up their mind about the two candidates.


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