Donald Trump Picks His Team for the White House

Donald Trump Picks His Team for the White House

Donald Trump is spending time preparing for his future term in office as the next president of the United States. After winning the presidential election when polls and forecasts predicted Hillary Clinton was going to be the first female president of the United States, Donald Trump is still riding high on a wave of popular support. It is Trump supporters that are looking at the choices he is making and the people he selects to join him at the White House two months from now. Donald Trump entered the presidential race as an outsider to politics and throughout the campaign has had a difficult relationship with the Republican establishment. However, the future Trump administration is going to give a nod to the GOP as well.

Trump Nominates Reince Priebus and Stephen K. Bannon

Over the weekend, President-elect Donald Trump made two nominations from the team that he is going to take with him to the White House. The nominations paint a picture of a White House where President Donald Trump tries to make some concessions to the Republican establishment. It will also be a White House where Donald Trump is aware of the votes that got him elected and the change that he promised during the presidential campaign.

 One of the nominations is Reince Priebus, who is going to be Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the White house. At age 44, Reince Priebus is the head of the Republican National Committee and a Washington insider. Since securing the GOP nomination after winning the primaries, Donald Trump had had a good relationship with Reince Priebus, one time calling him a “superstar”. The head of the RNC has strong credentials with Republicans on the Hill. His nomination as chief of staff is going to go well with most Republicans. The nomination also shows that President-elect Donald Trump is willing to work with the establishment.

The other nomination that Donald Trump announced was for the position of chief strategist and senior counselor. That spot is going to go to Stephen K. Bannon, the man who ran his campaign. At age 62, he is a controversial figure that has openly attacked the political establishment on several occasions. Stephen K. Bannon was the head of Breitbart News, a conservative news outlet that supported Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Brings His Team to the White House

President-elect Donald Trump spoke well of the Reince Priebus and Stephen K. Bannon. He credited them for the contribution they had to his success in the election. He also spoke of the future goals of the Trump administration.

“I am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country. Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory. Now I will have them both with me in the White House as we work to make America great again,”

said President-elect Donald Trump in a statement.

The two top advisers to Donald Trump will help achieve different objectives. Reince Priebus can help the new president work well with a Congress where the Republicans have the majority. Stephen K. Bannon can help Donald Trump stay in touch with the movement that got him to the White House.

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