Donald Trump Holds Staid Process His Way

Donald Trump Holds Staid Process His Way

Donald Trump has brought his own style to the process of putting together a new government. The President-elect has won the race for the White House by having a larger than life media presence and showing an openness that would fit a TV personality more than a politician. Now he is bringing in those who voted for him and those who didn’t to take a look at the future members of the Trump administration. A staid process is usually a quiet process where political negotiations take place behind closed doors in order to determine which candidates are best suited for the job. However, Donald Trump turned it into a media event.

Donald Trump Meets with James N. Mattis

President-elect Donald Trump wanted to get a closer look at those with whom he will be working the closest during the next four years. He also wanted the world to get a first look at the final candidates for the future Trump administration. Over the weekend, in an event that received a lot of media attention, Donald Trump met with those who are going to hold top administration positions.

Over the course of two days, potential officials drove up to the Trump National Golf Club where they met with the next president of the United States. Donald Trump greeted them at the entrance and shook their hand firmly as they posed for photographs. The President-elect also gave some clues to reporters present at the event about possible announcements regarding his team.

One of the first people that Donald Trump met with was James N. Mattis, a retired general from the Marine Corps. Trump has expressed his opinion about Mattis on Twitter. It looks like the President-elect is considering James N. Mattis for the position of defense secretary. During the initial photo-op outside the three-story farmhouse, Trump called James N. Mattis “a great man”. The next day he tweeted that Mattis was “very impressive” and “a true general’s general!” Overall, James N. Mattis left a good impression and could very well become the next defense secretary. He is known to be a strong character, steadfast in his opinions.

An Event to Showcase Diversity

It’s possible that it was not by coincidence that the people arriving at the Trump National Golf Club portrayed a certain diversity. Trump has already been criticized for choosing aides and advisers from apparently just one group of people. So, the meetings that the President-elect had over the weekend tried to showcase a wider range. There were, of course, people who had been by his side throughout the presidential campaign. Like former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is on a short list for the position of Secretary of State. But there were also former adversaries, like Mitt Romney. A prominent Republican and a former presidential candidate himself, Romney spoke out against Trump before the election. Now, in an effort to patch things up with the Republican establishment, the two are trying to find common ground. There were also Democrats invited to the event, in the interest of bipartisanship. The former schools chief for Washington, Michelle A. Rhee was there.

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