Donald Trump Doesn’t Think that a Recount Would Change Anything

Donald Trump Doesn’t Think that a Recount Would Change Anything

On Sunday, president-elect Donald Trump took Twitter by storm when he started quoting Hillary Clinton and said that a recount of the votes is useless. In his opinion, it would not change the outcome of the election. Moreover, it would prove to be just a terrible waste of time and resources. This would be a great case for him if he would not contradict himself.

Trump contradicts himself

After the initial Sunday Tweet-spree, the president-elect came back and said that people should not trust the results of the election. Why? Because according to him, many people, even “millions” voted illegally. His conclusion was that he also won the popular vote, if it will be recounted without those millions illegal votes. Let us get this straight: so Trump does not think a recount is necessary but he is asking for a recount to prove that many people voted illegally. It is actually mind-blowing. And a mystery, like this entire political year and everything that has happened during it.

According to Trump, Virginia, New Hampshire and California are the states where the most voter fraud was done. Coincidentally, these are states which his opponent, Hillary Clinton won. So the fraud was one-sided. We are starting to get a hold of this. Moreover, he states that those millions of immigrants who voted illegally favored Clinton because… immigrants tend to favor Democrats? Not only is this idea completely lacking a solid base, but it comes out of nowhere.

Listening to his outlandish ideas, one might think that Donald Trump does not accept the fact that he lost the popular vote, which, by the way, does not matter. Someone should tell him that he won the important one. Ok, he is not popular, but we did not need a vote to tell us this. During his campaign, Trump repeatedly said that he might not accept the result of the election if he would lose them. Now that he won, it appears like he has something to say about this too. Mr. Trump, can you ever be happy?

Fraud only beneficial for Clinton?

Interestingly enough, what stops us from believing that if there was indeed a fraud, it did not benefit Trump? He is the one who actually won in such an unexpected way. If you ask us, there is a bigger chance that this was the case. Trump repeatedly said that the voting system could have easily been attacked by hackers which could have toyed with the results. But who is to say that those hackers were not Russian? Remember when they were accused of helping Trump’s presidential campaign by spreading fake-news reports everywhere? Exactly!

For example, in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Trump won by a huge margin. Who is to say that those states did not fell victim to these fraud accusations mumbo-jumbo? But in reverse, destined to help Trump instead. There is no proof of anything and without proof, Mr. Trump should learn not to speak and make accusations. Sometimes, they come back to bite. Hard.

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