Donald Trump Meets the Press for the First Time after His Election

Donald Trump Meets the Press for the First Time after His Election

Donald Trump has had a difficult relationship with the press from the beginning of his presidential bid. Throughout the presidential campaign, he benefited from extensive media coverage. Sometimes he received more time on the networks than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. But that was time used to cover stories from the Trump campaign. When it came to editorial decisions, mainstream media seemed to be behind Hillary Clinton. She received endorsements from prominent newspapers. Whereas even some newspapers that were aligned with the Republican party refused to endorse Donald Trump. But Donald Trump used a wide network of Trump supporters to share his message. And won the election without the support of the press.

The President-elect Talks to the Press

Donald Trump was the big winner of the 2016 presidential election in the United States. His victory surprised many in the United States and in the world. But the press was the one really caught off guard by the result of the election. Mainstream media was projecting Hillary Clinton to be the winner of the election. They were reporting favorably on her odds as well as her performance during the campaign.

Donald Trump had made comments throughout the campaign that the media has treated him unfairly. One example of that was a leaked email that proved that CNN contributor and interim DNC chairperson Donna Brazile had tipped off the Clinton team about debate questions that she had received in advance.

With Donald Trump winning the election, the press in the United States is going to have to work with a President who feels that the media is biased. Trump had the opportunity to speak his mind at an off-the-record meeting that took place on Monday. The President-elect met with television network executives and journalists at Trump Tower in New York. It was the first time that Trump and the press faced each other after a hard-fought and sometimes bitter campaign.

Donald Trump Calls the Press “Unfair”

The meeting could not be reported on, as this part of the rules set up by Trump’s team. But those who attended the event said that the vibe was contentious but overall respectful. However, it was not a moment of reconciliation between Trump and the media. The future president took several opportunities to tell them that he felt the reporting about him during the presidential campaign was “unfair” and “dishonest”.

Donald Trump called out instances of reporting from CNN and NBC that he considered to have been unfair. The members of the media that were present listened to the President-elect airing out his grievances. There were several network news executives there. The CNN Worldwide Chairman, the NBC News President, the MSNBC President, the ABC News President as well as four top Fox News executives.

Donald Trump was there with his future chief strategist at the White House and former owner of Breitbart News, Stephen K. Bannon. He was also joined by his future White House chief of staff and current RNC chairman Reince Priebus. Also, there was his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been taking on a prominent role advising Donald Trump.

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