Democrat Win in the Senate Could Be Short-Lived

Democrat Win in the Senate Could Be Short-Lived

The race for the White House isn’t the only political contest taking place this year. Admittedly, it is getting the most attention. The two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are the two key political figures of the year 2016. But the congressional races are also taking place. And the Democrats stand to win in key competitive races. The Democrats could win the Senate and chip away at the control that Republicans have over the House. But a Democrat win wouldn’t last long. The mid-term elections in 2018 could see them going back to square one.

The Democrats Set to Take Control of the Senate

The next 15 days are going to be about the presidential race. Or what’s left of it, as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is in the lead in recent polls. But it is also about the big fight that the Democrats are mounting to take control of the Senate. Right now, the Democrats need a gain of just four seats to take back control of the Senate.

The prospect of a Democrat win in the Senate is becoming more and more likely. The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump is going down in the polls. And he seems to be taking other Republicans with him. So far, polls show that the individual campaigns of several Republicans were affected by trouble at the top of the Republican ticket. Richard Burr in the state of North Carolina, Joseph J. Heck in the state of Nevada and Kelly Ayotte in the state of New Hampshire all seem to be suffering from Trump trouble.

So the Democrats have a clear shot at taking control of the Senate. With little time left until Americans go to the polls, it looks like they might just pull it off.

A Majority that Will Be Difficult to Hold On to

A Democrat majority in the Senate is a political goal for the Democrat party right now. But even if they achieve this goal, it will be difficult for the Democrats to hold on to their victory. The mid-term elections in 2018 will prove to be particularly difficult for them. That year, 25 Democratic and Democratic-affiliated independents are going to be up for reelection. At the same time, the Republican party is going to have just eight contests to fight. There will be just eight Republicans up for reelection in 2018. That is an election cycle that is uneven in the match-up between the two political forces. And the Democrats are going to be spread thin, trying to cover all their bases in 2018.

Also, another key issue that makes it unlikely for the Democrats to be able to hold on to control in the Senate is where exactly those races are going to take place. Out of the 25 Democratic seats that will be up for reelection, 20 percent of them are in states that the Republicans have carried. Specifically, the states of Indiana, Montana, Missouri, West Virginia and North Dakota. It will be difficult for the Democrats not to lose seats in red states in 2018.

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