Dangerous Pure Caffeine Could be Banned Soon

This is what caffeine looks like under a microscope, made from numerous fibrous crystals.

This is what pure caffeine looks like under a microscope, made from numerous fibrous crystals.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTBoth advocates and lawmakers are making an urgent call on the FDA for banning pure caffeine products, as even one teaspoon has the potential to kill you. While caffeine is present in countless products in various forms and doses, one teaspoon of pure caffeine is equal to no less than 25 cups of the beloved coffee.

Logan Stiner is one of the tragic victims of powdered caffeine. Stiner died four days before he was supposed to graduate, and now his parents are ardent advocated against the substance, thus lobbying for the ban of the substance. According to his mother, Kate, she and her husband have never even heard of pure caffeine before they lost their son.

Concentrated caffeine is available online in the form of powder, an inhaler or liquid. Unfortunately, it comes with no warning about its properties and is listed only as a health supplement. In this perspective, lawmakers are pressing the FDA to ban such concentrated caffeine products, because it is impossible to measure the recommended dose which is 1/16 teaspoon. Therefore, the substance simply cannot be consumed safely.

Wade Sweatt, 24, is another victim of pure caffeine, having gone into a come minutes after trying it for the first time. He also died soon after the event. Sweatt and Stiner both died in 2014 and thus determined the FDA to consult with their parents and warn consumers against the substance.

In this respect, the agency sent warning letters to 5 companies in 2015, which have all stopped selling pure caffeine since then. Unfortunately, manufacturers were not affected by this crisis, and they continue to sell the product online. A simple search on Google reveals countless options available from domestic and foreign companies, and most of them are cheap. The only warning that comes with them is a “use sparingly” label.

In the lawmakers’ opinion, the FDA has not taken measures quickly enough to avoid this sad outcome, and they thus fear more deaths will occur because of pure caffeine. One of the people making this call is Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has warned against a “catastrophe waiting to happen”. He is joined by Senators Dick Durbin and Sherrod Brown, who have all asked for the ban of concentrated caffeine products.

Image Source: Wikipedia