Clinton’s Health Falters at 9/11 Memorial Service

Clinton’s Health Falters at 9/11 Memorial Service

This Sunday marked fifteen years since the attacks on September 11, 2001. The country commemorated the lives that were lost on that tragic day. And showed silent resilience and hope.

There were ceremonies across the country. Politicians attended to pay homage. The two presidential candidates were in the eye of the media on the day. And, in one case, the coverage gave way to speculation.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton was in New York for a memorial service. She left the event suddenly. Prompting questions regarding the reason for her swift departure.

Hillary’s Health

According to reports by the press, Clinton fell ill at some point during the day. And was unable to continue taking part in the memorial service for 9/11. Deciding to leave early, she made her way from the event.

The way in which she made her exit was widely present in the media. The health of the presidential nominee has been the focus of reports for some time now. With stories published recently about health problems that she has had in the past.

The Trump campaign has been coming out with messages about her health. Bringing into question whether she is ready or not for the presidency. The rhetoric from the Trump camp has in the past called her weak and unfit.

Clinton, who is 68, has been trying to project an image of good health and stamina. Recent talk about her cough she dismissed by blaming it on her allergies. Even joked that she might be allergic to Donald Trump.

But the Clinton campaign issued a statement later on Sunday, saying that her doctor had diagnosed Hillary Clinton with pneumonia. Clinton went for an evaluation after her cough became persistent.  The cough that was assumed to be caused by allergies.

Lisa R. Bardack is Clinton’s physician. According to her statement, the diagnosis for pneumonia was made on Friday, two days previous to the memorial service.

The Video from the Event

There are images with the candidate at the event at Ground Zero. Filmed footage from the event shows Hillary Clinton making her way to the car. She hurries to move towards the car. And as she gets into the car she appears to stumble. Secret Service agents are there to assist her and it looks like she does need their help. In a situation where she looks like she is about to fall, agents help her into the car.

The video has circulated on the internet with people being able to make their own mind about it.

Clinton’s physician said that the presidential nominee is following a course of antibiotics. Hillary Clinton should also follow advice to rest and change her schedule if need be.

The candidate decided to attend the memorial service regardless. According to her physician, at the event she became overheated and also, dehydrated. After resting and re-hydrating she made a nice recovery.

Hillary Clinton had a trip to California on her schedule for Monday and Tuesday. She was going to attend fundraising events and give an economic speech. She also had a taped appearance planned for the talk show “Ellen”. The Clinton campaign cancelled the trip along with planned events.

At the moment it is not certain whether the trip to Las Vegas that should take place on Wednesday is going to happen.


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