Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump Meet in Town Hall Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump Meet in Town Hall Debate

The race for the White House is heating up as Election Day is getting closer. There is little time left until November 8 for the two candidates to formulate their views on the issues and attract support from the electorate.

Supporters of the Republican party and the Democrat party say that they are going to vote for their party’s nominee. Even if there are some things that they don’t like about the party’s candidate. But there are voters who haven’t yet chosen who to give their vote to. There are also those who are still making the decision of whether or not to vote at all. So there are plenty of votes to go after until November 8.

Debates in a Presidential Campaign

Every vote counts in an election. With the presidential election being close, neither one of the two candidates can rest thinking that they have a sure shot at the White House. So, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are using every chance they get to sway voters and get their support.

The candidates are using campaign events, rallies and planned speeches to put their ideas for the country forward and attract voters to their side of the presidential race. But televised debates are a different when it comes to showcasing your political platform in front of the electorate.

The debate format allows viewers to get a close look at the two candidates. Of course, the presidential nominees prepare for the debates. The issues that will be talked about are the same they have been talking about on the campaign trail: the economy, jobs, trade, national security, healthcare and education. And the candidates are aware that the spotlight is on them and are careful with everything from their choice of words to their gestures.

But even with a lot of preparation, the personalities of the two candidates are clearly visible. A debate offers viewers the rare opportunity during a presidential campaign to see what the candidates would be like as president. If they were to hold the highest office in the country, who would they behave and how would they react when faced with difficult, complex issues.

Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton Meet Again

The Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate met for a debate last night. This was the second presidential debate out of the three that were agreed upon to take place before Election Day.

It was another opportunity for Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton to show their true political colors. Hillary stayed focused throughout the debate and stayed on message. Clinton has a solid political platform with plans and initiatives for issues facing the country from taxation to jobs, from healthcare to education. The Clinton team has used ideas from many advisers to put together a plan that was even outlined in her campaign book. So Clinton used every opportunity to put her ideas forward. Also, that served to make Donald Trump, by contrast, look unprepared for the job.

Donald J. Trump did not change his style very much from the previous debate. Even though some in the GOP camp were hoping for a different, better performance. After the first debate, some on the Republican side felt that Trump had lost to Clinton. So they were looking to see an improvement in their candidate, perhaps a more presidential attitude. Donald J. Trump kept his strategy of attacking his opponent, without much regard for facts. He kept his style and rhetoric from the campaign trail and with that helped Clinton look more presidential than him.

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