Clinton and Trump Make Final Appeals to Voters

Clinton and Trump Make Final Appeals to Voters

The political campaigns for the 2016 presidential election ended on a high note. The two presidential candidates made use of every amount of available time to deliver their message to voters. Both Clinton and Trump attended events throughout Monday. The candidates ended the day with late-night rallies. The level of emotion was high at the rallies, as each one of the two candidates tried to play on the emotions of the electorate. Donald J. Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being corrupt and urged voters to prevent her from becoming the president. Clinton tried to impress upon voters the importance of the election in an effort to get out the vote.

Hillary Clinton Ends Her Campaign in North Carolina

Hillary Clinton called the election this Tuesday “the test of our time”. The two presidential candidates have different takes on what it means to be the next president of the United States. They would take the country in different directions. And that’s not just on account of partisan politics. It’s also because of the personality and temperament of each one of the two nominees. As Americans prepared to vote, Clinton and Trump made one final appeal to the electorate.

Hillary Clinton closed her presidential campaign with a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was joined by former president Bill Clinton and the couple’s daughter Chelsea Clinton. The event also had Lady Gaga as a guest. The singer said a few words in support of Hillary Clinton and performed for the audience.

The results for North Carolina are going to be very close. So, the Clinton campaign surprised everyone by adding a midnight rally in the state. That shows that the Democrats have some anxiety about carrying the state of North Carolina. But Hillary Clinton was already talking about the day after the election. She told voters that she is ready for the hard work that lies ahead after November 8.

“I want you to understand, our work together will be just beginning,”

said Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Donald J. Trump Rallies Supporters in Five States

At the same time as Hillary Clinton holding a rally in North Carolina, Donald J. Trump was holding his final campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the Republican candidate was urging voters to go the polls the next day and vote Trump. This was the last one of five states that Donald J. Trump visited in one final push. He started on Monday morning with a campaign event in Florida. He then went on to North Carolina, continued to Pennsylvania and then went to New Hampshire. Grand Rapids, Michigan was his final campaign stop on a rollercoaster ride that started 500 days ago for the real-estate billionaire.

“Today is our independence day. Today the American working class is going to strike back,”

said Republican candidate Donald J. Trump.

Trump took the time to reflect on the past, starting with the beginning of the Republican primary. He talked about the many candidates that he had faced and eventually defeated to win the Republican nomination.

“Now we have one flawed candidate left to beat,”

said Republican candidate Donald J. Trump.

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