Clinton Leads Trump Says New Poll

Clinton Leads Trump Says New Poll

The race for the White House keeps getting more interesting as he day of the election gets nearer. There are less that fifty days left until voters go to the polls. Both sides are trying to garner as much support as they can from those who are going to cast their vote.

Knowing what’s on the minds of average American voters is very important to running a political campaign and crafting your message. How voters see the two candidates is particularly important in view of the upcoming debates.

It is also interesting to know who is ahead in the polls, although there is plenty of time for the situation to change.

Clinton Leads by Six Points

The first presidential debate is going to take place next Monday on CNN. Ahead of the debate results from a new poll have just been released. It was a nation-wide NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll. It was conducted by Fred Yang from Hart Research Associates who is a Democratic pollster. Together with Bill McInturff from Public Opinion Strategies who is a Republican pollster.

According to the poll, Hillary Clinton is ahead by six points among likely voters.

The survey was conducted after Clinton came back to the campaign trail after health issues. The Democratic nominee suffered from pneumonia and took some time off to recuperate. It looks like the way in which the Clinton camp handled the illness and the comeback helped their candidate. Right now, Clinton leads Donald J. Trump.

Other findings of the survey show Hillary Clinton almost even with Donald Trump regarding voter enthusiasm. The Clinton campaign has suffered from a perceived lack of enthusiasm when it comes to their candidate. But it looks like things are starting to pick up for the Democratic nominee.

Fred Yang said that in his opinion the likely winner is Hillary Clinton. “Despite arguably the worst few weeks of her candidacy, the fundamentals still point toward a Hillary Clinton victory”, he said.

Donald Trump Needs to Work Harder

McInturff said that Donald J. Trump had come closer to Hillary Clinton during the month of August. However, he still needs to push his campaign and bring his score closer to his opponent. The good news for Trump is that the electorate seems to agree with his message. Voters feel that America has lost ground and they want to see a change in the direction the country is going. But the Trump campaign still has more work to do to overtake Hillary Clinton

If the presidential race had four candidates, Clinton would be ahead. She would get 43 percent of the votes, while Trump would get 37 percent of the vote. The other two candidates would get a significant number of votes as well. The Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson would get 9 percent of the vote. The representative of the Green Party, Jill Stein would get 3 percent of the vote.

Hillary Clinton has the advantage when it comes to the African American vote. 81 percent would vote for her. She also has the support of women and young people, who are more likely to vote for her than for Donald Trump.


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