Clinton Leads Trump by 7 Points

Clinton Leads Trump by 7 Points

Election Day is on November 8 and there is not much time left until then. The two candidates have spent plenty of time on the campaign trail, talking about the issues and their ideas for the country. Most voters have a reasonably accurate image of the two candidates by now. So, many have made up their mind about who they’re going to vote for in the 2016 presidential election. A recent poll shows that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by a comfortable margin. It used to be a close race between the two nominees, but the Trump campaign has been going through problems recently. So Hillary Clinton now has the advantage.

Clinton Leads Trump in a Recent Poll

The electorate is by now familiar with Trump’s ideas to make America great again and with Clinton’s complex and specific political platform. Also, voters have seen the two candidates perform in two presidential debates. The format allowed for them to express their ideas as well as their personality and voters could get a picture of what they would be like in office. So, many are now decided about who they’re going to give their vote to. There are, of course, those who make up their mind in the last days of the campaign. But relying on undecided voters might not be enough to win.

Those who are decided that they are going to vote seem to have made up their mind. And it looks like their leaning towards Hillary Clinton for the next president of the United States. In a poll of likely voters, Hillary Clinton gets 45 percent of the vote. While Donald J. Trump gets 38 percent. The other two candidates need to be taken into account in a four-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson gets 7 percent of the vote. Jill Stein, the candidate of the Green Party gets 3 percent.

Hillary Clinton Has a Comfortable Lead

Hillary Clinton is positioned comfortably in the polls with a lead that is outside the margin of error. She now has a 7 point lead over Donald Trump. In a poll conducted last week, Hillary Clinton was ahead by two points. The Democratic candidate was getting 44 percent of the vote. Trump was getting 42 percent of the vote. The two point distance was not significant and Donald Trump would have had time to catch up to his opponent. But the distance that Clinton has now put between herself and Trump places her definitely in the lead. Also. Donald Trump faces another problem. More than half of likely voters polled answered that he isn’t qualified for the presidency.

If it were a two-way race, Hillary Clinton would be even further ahead. She would have an eight point advantage over Trump. According to the poll, Hillary Clinton would get 49 percent of the vote and Donald J. Trump would get 41 percent. Again, Clinton has risen in the poll. Last week, she would have gotten 48 percent in a two-way race. And Donald J. Trump would have gotten 44 percent, just four points less.

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