Clinton Thinking of Joe Biden for Secretary of State

Clinton Thinking of Joe Biden for Secretary of State

Sources close to the transition planning team have spoken about one of the names that might be part of Hillary Clinton’s team at the White House, should she win the presidential election. With Election Day on November 8 and Hillary Clinton ahead in the polls by a comfortable margin, the Clinton camp are looking confident. Recently, on her campaign plane, the Democratic nominee was asked by the press if she is thinking of any names for her team at the White House. The candidate said that she is not thinking about that yet and wants to stay focused on winning the election first. But one name has appeared on a list in the Clinton camp and it’s for the position of Secretary of State.

The Choice of a Former Secretary of State

The transition from an Obama administration to a Clinton administration would be easier than a transition to a Trump administration. Although Hillary Clinton has come out with ideas that differ from the Obama administration during the campaign. For example, she has said that she is going to revamp the Affordable Care Act, president Obama’s signature federal health law. Also, regarding Syria, she favors a stronger intervention in the five year long conflict in order to bring it to its end. So far, the Obama administration has avoided getting too involved in the conflict in Syria.

But with it being a transition from one Democrat administration to another Democrat administration, there are expectations that everything will go smoothly. At this point, there is even the possibility of Hillary Clinton appointing someone from the Obama administration to one of the most important offices at her White House. Sources close to the Democrat candidate say that there is a short list for Secretary of State. And that right now Joe Biden is at the top of the list.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton know each other well. They were both part of the Obama administration and have a good working relationship. Since the position of Secretary of State is one that Hillary Clinton has held herself, she is going to want someone she sees eye to eye with on key issues. The familiarity that the current Vice President and the Democratic candidate have would contribute to a good understanding in new political roles.

Joe Biden’s Experience Prepares Him for the Role

Joe Biden had a long political career in Washington before becoming the Vice President. In fact, his experience was one of the reasons why he was chosen to be the running mate of a young candidate for president in 2008. He had chaired the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate and had travelled extensively on behalf of the United States. He was a political figure that had a solid reputation on the world stage. Joe Biden’s political career spans 44 years with six terms as US Senator and two terms as Vice President. As part of the Obama administration, he did not play a diminished role as Vice President. He was actually one of President Obama’s closest advisers. Joe Biden handled very difficult international issues, like Iraq and the Ukraine.

Image source: The White House