Clinton Helps Democrats in the Race

Clinton Helps Democrats in the Race

Enjoying a lead in the polls against her Republican opponent, Hillary Clinton helps Democrats in key congressional races. The focus of the 2016 political year has been the race for the White House. With current president, Barack Obama on his second and final term, the United States were going to have a new president no matter what. Since the primaries, the attention of the media stayed on the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and her opponent, Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump. As Election Day gets closer though, the Democrats are looking at what they could achieve regarding Congress.

Hillary Clinton is Ahead in the Presidential Race

The race for the White House was a close one, from the very beginning. Each one of the two candidates had a good chance of being the next president of the United States. Now, with the presidential campaign drawing to a close, many voters have made up their mind about who they’re going to vote for on November 8. Polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is in front of Donald J. Trump by percentage points that are higher than the margin of error. That gives the Democratic candidate the confidence to reach out beyond her own political message for the presidential campaign and help out fellow Democrats that are up for election or re-election.

Donald J. Trump’s campaign is not doing well and the Democrats are taking advantage. The Republican candidate finds himself trapped by the controversy surrounding his comments on the “Access Hollywood” tape and allegations that he behaved inappropriately towards women. He seems unable to untangle himself from the scandal and many prominent Republicans are moving away from the candidate, withdrawing their support. Thinking about their own congressional race that they have to win, Republican candidates are staying away from the issues plaguing Donald Trump’s campaign.

But the damage has already been done on the Republican front. The Democrats are now looking at a 2016 campaign that is going even better than they themselves had expected. They stand a good chance of seizing the Senate. They could also make a dent in the control that the Republicans have over the House.

Hillary Clinton Campaigning for Fellow Democrats

Hillary Clinton is putting her weight behind fellow Democrats. She is doing very well in the presidential race and has decided to expand some effort in getting others elected as well. While it’s too soon to count Donald J. Trump out, Hillary Clinton has a comfortable lead. With this, the Democratic candidate has decided to no longer take Donald Trump on. Hillary Clinton has recently said herself that she doesn’t “even think about responding” to Donald Trump anymore. Instead, she is using resources from her well-funded and well-coordinated campaign to ensure more Democrat wins in the country. The Democratic candidate said that she is going to spend the last weeks before Election Day on the road. Hillary Clinton is going to seek support for her own candidacy and also emphasize “the importance of electing Democrats down the ballot”.

Robby Mook is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. He says that the Clinton campaign is making coordinated efforts with other Democrat candidates.

“We’re running a coordinated campaign, working hard with gubernatorial, Senate and House candidates.”

Said Robby Mook.

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