Child Suffers Severe Brain Damage after Visiting Dentist

"Child Suffers Severe Brain Damage after Visiting Dentist"

A 4-year-old from Houston suffered extensive brain damage after a trip to the dentist.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A 4-year-old from Houston is currently unable to speak nor to walk after visiting a dentist to undergo a surgical procedure. Nevaeh Hall has suffered extensive brain damage after being kept under sedatives for more than 7 hours.

Courissa Clark, Nevaeh’s mother, declared that she took her daughter for the third time to see Doctor Bethaniel Jefferson at the Diamond Dental clinic. During the surgical intervention, which according to the authorities, shouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of hours, the 4-year-old suffered multiple seizures.

Moreover, during the said procedure, the little girl was restrained by a commonly-used medical device called a papoose. This method is mainly used to ensure that the patient doesn’t tamper with the surgical field.

According to the Texas Board of Dental Examiners, the operation should have been over in a couple of hours and that Jefferson didn’t need to use the medical restraint.

Misses Clark said that during the procedure, she and her husband were sitting in the waiting room, patiently waiting for the doctor to finish the procedure.

Seven hours later, Doctor Bethaniel, upon exiting the room, said that their daughter experienced a couple of shakes during the procedure and that there is no need for concern.

Naturally, the couple rushed the child to the nearest hospital for a full examination. There, the doctors told the couple that her daughter suffered massive brain damage and that her chances of recovery are slim at best.

Two months have passed since the incident, and Nevaeh can’t speak, walk or stand up straight. Enraged by this event, Clarissa decided to sue Doctor Bethaniel Jefferson for his negligence.

Jim Morrison, Clarissa’s attorney, declared that the procedure physically and chemically suffocated the child and that the doctor should pay the price of his incompetence.

According to Morrison, on the day of the intervention, Doctor Bethaniel Jefferson, kept Nevaeh under sedation for more than 7 hours. Moreover, the doctor used no less than five doses of sedative in order to keep the 4-year-old under.

The Texas Board of Medical Examiners reconvened on the 20th of January in order to discuss Bethaniel’s case. Meanwhile, the doctor’s practicing license has been suspended and, depending on the board’s decision, Bethaniel could get away with a warning or with his right to practice revoked.

Morrison and the Board also declared that this is not the first time Doctor Jefferson stepped over the line. The doctor has been suspended before after endangering a patient’s life.

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