Charlotte Protests Turn Violent

Charlotte Protests Turn Violent

A deadly police shooting took place in Charlotte, leading to the death of Keith Lamont Scott. The police have been explaining the circumstances of the shooting, giving details from the scene. The family of the victim has also been present in the media, saying that there was no reason for the shooting.

Since the incident, the city of Charlotte has seen protests for two nights in a row. Last night, the protests turned violent, despite appeals from the city and Scott’s family for demonstrations to remain peaceful.

One Person Shot

The city of Charlotte tweeted that one person was shot during the protests. The initial tweet said that the person had died. But the city came back with another tweet to correct the information. The person remains unidentified. He or she is in critical condition, hospitalized and on life support. The city also released information that it was another civilian who shot the victim.

According to another tweet by the city, a police officer was injured. An emergency crew transported the officer to a hospital. So far, the injuries that the officer has sustained remain undisclosed.

Rioting started in Charlotte on the day of a press conference held by the police. The police chief spoke to the press and gave more details about the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. People were unhappy with the way the police was handling the situation. The riots started in the evening, after the press conference.

During the press conference, police chief Kerr Putney discussed the claim by Scott’s family. Relatives of Keith Lamont Scott had told the media that he was just reading a book in his car when police approached him. Kerr Putney said that Scott was in fact armed. He added that the police didn’t find a book at the scene.

The police chief walked the press through the events of the fatal shooting one more time. Keith Lamont Scott, who was African American, had a gun and refused repeated demands by the police to put it down. He was shot by a police officer, who was also African American. Putney said that the police recovered Scott’s gun from the scene.

Protests in Charlotte Mostly Peaceful

On Wednesday night, protesters got together in two separate places in Charlotte. Scott’s family as well as the NAACP sent out appeals for the protests to remain peaceful. Jennifer Roberts, the mayor of Charlotte also asked the demonstrators to not use violence. She spoke on CNN and said: “Go home and tell everyone violence is not the answer”. She added that the investigation was still ongoing and tried to reassure everyone that it will be a transparent one.

One protest in the park was peaceful and there were no incidents. The rioting that took place downtown was in a separate location. According to the mayor, a small group of agitators started the violence.

Gov. Pat McCrory said that the state of North Carolina is going to send more troopers to Charlotte. In a statement he said that the state is not going to tolerate any violence aimed at either citizens or police officers. There will also be zero tolerance with regard to destruction of property.


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