Caffeine Could Lead To Loss Of Hearing

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Consuming caffeine could lead to loss of hearing, according to research by McGill University in Canada.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Consuming caffeine could lead to loss of hearing, according to research by McGill University in Canada. It applies to people who work in loud environments such as airports.It also goes for those who like to go to rock concerts. The study revealed that coffee has a big impact on hearing.

Apparently, caffeine consumption can interfere with recovery from a loud noise. It could even make the damage permanent. When our ears are exposed to loud noise, they suffer from a temporary reduction in hearing. This is called a temporary threshold shift. The disorder is usually reversible, or it goes away by itself. However, if the symptoms persist, damage may become permanent, Dr.Faisal Zawawi says.

However, the experiment involved guinea pigs. There were two groups of guinea pigs, one caffeinated, the other not given any coffee. They put these two groups into noisy environments, similar to what you’d hear at a rock concert.

After eight days, there was a major difference in hearing loss between the two groups, according to the team of researchers.

In 2015, the European Authority on Food Safety published recommendations for caffeine intake. The amounts deemed safe for the general population were 200mg per day, going up to 400 mg per day from all sources.

Since 2011, the world’s average coffee consumption has risen by 2%. According to the new study, you should not drink caffeine after a loud party.

Other significant coffee facts are:

  1. Coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded item, after petroleum.
  2. No energy drink has as much caffeine in it as a Starbucks coffee.
  3. Coffee is most effective if consumed in the morning.
  4. The world drinks about 2.25 billion cups of coffee daily.
  5. In Asian countries, there are cat cafes where you can hang out with cats and drink coffee for as long as you like.
  6. The first webcam was created in Cambridge, UK to check on a coffee pot.
  7. Coffee beans are not in fact beans. They are fruit pits.
  8. Starbucks spends more money on insurances for its employees than on coffee beans.
  9. Instant coffee was first thought of by a man called George Washington, in 1910.
  10. Coffee does not taste as good as it smells because saliva takes out half of the flavor.

Now do you still care that caffeine could lead to loss of hearing?

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