Buying Concert Tickets on Facebook


Users will soon be able to buy concert tickets via Facebook.

You will soon be able to buy tickets to your favorite concerts directly on Facebook from Ticketmaster. By the end of the month, the feature will be implemented enabling all users to buy smartly and simply.

Ticketmaster is only the last company to plant its core business parts into the popular social media platform. Since people have started spending more time on social websites and less on the official ones of companies, web publishers, and online commerce outfits have opted to infiltrate into Facebook among other social giants.

According to the vice president and distributed commerce GM of Ticketmaster, Dan Armstrong,

“By putting the ability to buy tickets directly within Facebook we hope that we’re going to provide a more seamless purchase experience and sell more tickets.”

If we take a look at the time spent on the top social media apps, we are sure to get dizzy. It appears that 84 percent of the total time spent on mobile devices on non-native apps is spent across only five apps. One of them is, of course, Facebook, which has thus become the perfect channel for any type of business to reach their audience and customers.

Until now, the social media platform has limited the access of other businesses to the main application. The Facebook app can host publisher content through the Instant Articles product. In the future, the company plans to integrate online shop into its traditional pages.

However, it does not plan to stop here. Facebook Messenger is set to integrate various services as well. As the moment, users can request Lyft or Uber rides, check in to their flight for KLM or even ask retailers to send them their products.

As for event tickets, at the moment, you can buy those through the virtual assistant M on Facebook Messenger. M is capable of sending you an image of your ticket before the event takes place. However, the addition of Ticketmaster will not be extended into Messenger.

When purchasing tickets on the main app, Facebook will also collect an affiliate fee that is currently unknown for Ticketmaster. Furthermore, even if the purchase takes place on Facebook, the tickets will have to be claimed through the app and website of Ticketmaster.

Image Source: excite