Brush up on Your Language Skills for No Man’s Sky

"Brush up on Your Language Skills for No Man’s Sky "

Players will be able to receive special items and bonuses by learning an alien language.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Even though the idea of devising a language with its syntax and morphology for a computer game isn’t entirely novel, more and more game developers are starting to work with it. Challenging the players to learn a new language is something tricky, but it’s entirely another thing to make them master several dialectal variations. Brush up on your language skills for No Man’s Sky, an Indie game that is very similar to the X series.

Space combat and exploration games are very awesome because it simulates the idea of a Universe populated by numerous alien species, each of them with their pros and cons. The concept has drawn some attention in the last couple of years, culminating in the launching of Star Citizen, the crown achievement regarding galactic trade, combat, and exploration.

However, since the fifth installment in the X series, the space exploration, trading and combat genre reached a standstill. It’s quite boring to the same thing over and over again even though each time you are awarded powerful upgrades and better ships.

Well, it would seem that a small game studio has come up with a way to make the space genre more appealing to the gamers. Instead of focusing only on exploration, trade and combat, the developers added a feature that is sure to dazzle the players: language mastery.

Yes, players who will take the role of the intrepid space ranger in No Man’s Sky, will have to master several alien dialects if he or she wants to find a place in the galaxy.

According to Sean Murray, the managing director of Hello Games, learning a language can make a difference when it comes to alien interaction. For example, if the player doesn’t understand the language of a species, he or she can lose a quest item or can even get ripped off when buying something from a trader.

Furthermore, mastering a certain dialect, which can be achieved by completing quests and interacting as much as possible with NPCs belonging to a particular species, can grant player special abilities, special items, new quests and discounts.

And it’s no easy task to learn all the languages out there, because, as Murray pointed out, there are thousands of sentient species out there, each of them with their agenda. And the player must choose to learn the language suited to his or hers goal.

For example, if the player wants to focus on space exploration, they can befriend a couple of spacefaring aliens whose sole purpose is to expand their knowledge of space. On the other hand, if the player it the war-mongering type, they can try to befriend other species.

The game is set to launch on the 21st of June in the US, and on the 22nd of June in Europe. Also, the indie procedurally generated space sim will be available for PS4 consoles and PCs.

Brush up on your language skills for No Man’s Sky and prepare for the adventure of your dreams.

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