Bringing Back the Dead

"Bringing Back the Dead"

You might think bringing back the dead is pure Sci-Fi, but things might soon change.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTYou might think bringing back the dead is pure Sci-Fi, but things might soon change. For years, medical scientists tried to unlock the mysteries behind braindead patients. Of course, ethical questions are constantly being raised. It is a touchy subject, but more freedom of hand has been given to researchers trying to revive the dead.

More than 60 million humans die every year because of the loss of function in the brain. Because creatures such as amphibians, planarians and a couple of species of fish have the regenerative power to repair their brain, scientists are questioning if humans can also manage to do so.

Two US biotech companies have been given approval by the US National Institutes of Health to determine if braindead people can be brought back to life. In the case of brain death, the neurons degenerate. The biotech companies want to find a way of regenerating those neurons. The study has been given the name of ReAnima Project and it is conducted by Bioquark Inc. and Revita Life Sciences researchers. It will take place in Uttarakhand, India. The staff hopes that the world is now in a technological stage in which miracles can happen. For six months, scientists will treat the brain of deceased with several therapies and procedures. The twenty subjects of the study are people who have died because of traumatic injuries to the brain. To determine whether the brain has enough regenerative powers, the biotech staff will administer therapies such as stem cell injections, lasers, peptides cocktails and nerve stimulation. These have been proven effective in the case of coma patients.

Ira Pastor, the project adviser and CEO of Bioquark Inc., hopes to see results in as little as two months. Pastor says that this is the first step in the process of death reversal.

This complex and delicate study is highly controversial to some, yet much awaited by others. Yet it seems futuristic at the moment to think that bringing back the dead is possible. The team is currently just hoping to see improvement. They wish to regenerate parts of the spinal cord. A full recovery in braindead patients, although a possibility, is not yet the focus of the ReAnima project. Scientists are realistic about the outcome of their efforts, but still think that the revival of the dead will eventually be possible.