Attempting to Bring the Brain Dead Back to Life

"project lazarus"

Let me guess, Project Lazarus, right?

Bringing the dead back to life has been a fantasy of mankind’s for millennia. Mythology is full of examples of people being brought back from the dead, as is a great part of literature. Even the Bible features several cases in which the dead are brought to life through the power of GOD.

One of the most iconic examples is Lazarus, and he is such a classic icon of resurrection that you rarely see a work of fiction that approaches the subject of bringing back the dead that doesn’t involve the name “Project Lazarus”. But still, resurrection has so far mostly been the subject of fiction. Not anymore.

Realizing that actual dead people would be too big of a challenge, a team of researchers is attempting to bring the brain dead back to life. The experiment is funded by a Philadelphia-based company, and it aims to restore brain function to those that are brain dead but still have functional bodies.

Having just received an ethical approval from the Institutional Review Board to move forward with their project, the team of scientists will now have to travel to the Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, India in order to collect twenty patients identified as brain dead. This is the first part of the project, known as Reanima.

This is what Ira Pastor, the CEO of the company behind the project, Bioquark, had this to say about the procedure:

We are combining biologic regenerative medicine tools with other existing medical devices typically used for stimulation of the central nervous system, in patients with other severe disorders of consciousness.

So how are the scientists planning to restore brain function to those already pronounced brain dead? Well, after getting another confirmation from the subjects’ family members, the team will start to inject the brain dead individuals with what is basically a cocktail of substances.

First of all, they will be receiving stem cells bi-weekly, in the hopes that they will help reset the brain stem. Next, peptide cocktails will be injected directly into the spinal cord through a pump every single day for six weeks. Furthermore, they also receive laser therapies and repeated nerve stimulation.

The plan is to see if the team can restore brain function in those pronounced clinically brain dead. And as much as it sounds like a potential horror movie experiment ready to go wrong at any second, the intentions are definitely noble. Up until now, there was no way of bringing somebody back after they were pronounced brain dead. There still might be no way, but at least now people are trying.

Image source: YouTube