Boy Grabs Wheel to Save Diabetic Patient

"Boy Grabs Wheel to Save Diabetic Patient "

A boy from Montgomery managed to save the life of an elderly person after he went into diabetic shock.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A boy from Alabama became something of a hero when he saved the life of an elderly person. Christopher Wheeler Jr., a 10-year-old, hailing from Montgomery, managed to save the life of 70-year-old Big Mitch after the man went into diabetic shock while driving on the Interstate.

Christopher Wheeler Junior, a 10-year-old from Montgomery was riding shotgun with a 70-year-old person called Big Mitch. While driving on the Interstate, Big Mitch became unresponsive and lost control of his pickup truck.

The whole episode was witnessed by Eric Salvador, a special agent who is currently working for the attorney’s general office. Salvador’s was behind Mitch’s car when the whole chain of events started.

The special agent declared that he observed that the pickup truck began to swerve chaotically on the Interstate. He also said that he made a full stop, turned on his sirens and told the driver to pull over.

Of course, the driver could not respond to his indications, so Salvador had to chase the vehicle for several miles. The special agent recollected that after a couple of miles of chasing, the pickup truck steered off the Interstate.

Once again, the officer turned on his sirens and lights to tell the driver to stop and also to warn him of the incoming traffic. The pickup truck ran a couple of red lights and almost crashed into a couple of cars.

Moments later, Salvador said that he had observed that the truck’s brake lights began to flicker. After a couple of meters, the car stopped. Before starting his chase, Salvador called the help of a state trooper to join him in his actions.

Also, the special agent remembers that the back of the truck was filled with all kinds of materials. Moreover, as he and the trooper approached the stopped vehicle, they saw a very young boy sitting on the passenger’s chair, with a grim look in his eyes.

Thinking that they might be dealing with a case of child abduction, the trooper and Salvador approached the driver carefully to apprehend him.

During this time, both the trooper and Salvador told the driver to put his hands on his wheel. Because Big Mitch was out, Christopher took his hand and placed them on the wheel.

It took them a while to figure out what happened: during their drive, Big Mitch became unconscious due to a diabetic shock. Seeing that they were in danger of crashing into other vehicles, the boy took control of the steering wheel, steered the car off Interstate and stopped it.

An ambulance was called to take care of Big Mitch, and the boy was taken to a local diner for a little snack. Both Salvador and the trooper declared that if it wasn’t for the boy’s critical thinking, the whole think might have turned into a tragedy.

In the end, the two officers took a picture with the kid and posted it on Facebook.

Photo credits:wikipedia