Blackroom Kickstarter Campaign Was Temporarily Cancelled


Oh, demons of Mars, please let me be wrong and let this game be good!

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Oh boy, do I hate to be right. You might recall an article I wrote earlier this week, an article in which I stated my belief that John Romero’s next shooter, Blackroom, will suck. I stated every reason for why I thought that, and since I got no insulting comments on the internet, I assume I did a decent job of it.

But of course, there’s more. And things are going to take a strange turn following this week’s announcement. As the team realized that not enough people will back their campaign in time, the Blackroom Kickstarter campaign was temporarily cancelled. So let’s start talking details.

Before any of you starts getting worried, let me stop you right there. The decision belonged to the developers, and the campaign will resume in a few months. But what was the reason behind the cancellation of the Kickstarter campaign, and when will the team start collecting funds once more?

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t a small number of people that caught on that Blackroom might end up just as bad as Daikatana. So, a week into their Kickstarter campaign, and John Romero and Co. had only raised $131,052 from their $700,000 goal. So they decided to stop for now, and up the ante.

And this might actually end up, hopefully at least, saving the game from a gruesome fate reserved only for creatures in the DOOM universe. You see, the developers realized that they were only pitching ideas and hoping that those ideas will get funded. And they very might have, although they probably wouldn’t have.

So they decided to give the public more – a demo level. Well, according to Romero it won’t be a full level, but it will be enough to show people what the game will look like, the engine, the atmosphere, and most importantly the gameplay. The demo will take a few months to be finished, and the campaign will resume afterwards.

The company, Night Work Games, will still honor the backer achievements when the campaign will be relaunched, and they also promised a little something extras for those that backed the first campaign and will do the same for the second. They didn’t mention what it will be, only that it will be a surprise.

The fact that the team now has to work on a demo means two things – the first one is that they will have to make sure to make the game very appealing to the public. The second one is that if the gameplay demo is going to be as bad as Daikatana was, very few will actually bother funding the game.

Image source: YouTube