Bermuda Triangle Still Shrouded in Mystery

"Bermuda Triangle Still Shrouded in Mystery "

Scientists were not able to debunk the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A couple of weeks ago, a prestigious British publication declared that it had the Bermuda Triangle mystery all wrapped up. But according to the latest investigations, it would seem that the riddle is far from being solved, meaning that the Bermuda Triangle is still shrouded in mystery.

If you are puzzled by this turn of events, here are the key facts to the whole Bermuda Triangle business. Not long ago, a British publication declared that the Bermuda Triangle mystery has been solved.

The Bermuda Triangle also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, is an area in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. This commonly seen as having a triangle shape because its extremities are formed by Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Isles and Fort Lauderdale, in Florida.

Over the years, this geometrical area situated between the three landmarks has been the cauldron of countless conspiracy theories due to the fact that ships, aircraft and people have been known to disappear in this area.

While most scientists would agree that there is a logical explanation that accounts for this phenomenon, there are those who argue that the disappearances are caused by UFOs or phantoms of the past.

As we’ve said, recently, a British publication declared that the mystery behind the ominous area has been debunked. Quoting the works of a Norwegian University, the paper announced the discovery of several large craters situated on the bottom of the Barents Sea.

The Arctic University of Norway declared that based on the latest research, these pocket-like formations are enormous, measuring no less than a kilometer in diameter and 30 meters in depth.

Based on their research, it looked like the reason behind the mysterious disappearances was linked to how the craters were formed. According to their theory, the craters were formed during the Triassic epoch when pockets of methane gas exploded. Moreover, at that time, the team said that the methane pockets originated from the deep oil deposits.

The Siberian Times quoted the Arctic study and the statements of a Russian scientist as the framework of the theory. At that time, the Russian scientist declared that ships could have sunk in the Bermuda Triangle due to methane heating up the Ocean. The same process can theoretically interfere with the plane’s onboard instruments thus making the plane crash.

The same Norwegian research institute posted an update saying that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has not been solved. Furthermore, Professor Karin Andreassen, one of the researchers involved in the project, declared that the study’s results are still preliminary.

Moreover, the Norwegian professor pointed out that there is indeed evidence to suggest that the underwater craters were formed by gas hydrates blowouts during the former Ice Age. But one cannot compare the atmospheric conditions from the last Ice Age to the present condition.

This mean that the Bermuda Triangle continues to be a mystery and very hard one to solve.

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