Ben Carson Could Be the Next Secretary for Housing and Urban Development

Ben Carson Could Be the Next Secretary for Housing and Urban Development

Ben Carson has achieved notoriety on the national political stage by being one of the contenders in the Republican primary race. Carson was a very successful neurosurgeon and is now retired. During the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he positioned himself as an outsider to the world of politics and offered an alternative to the conventional choice between senators and governors. He ran a moderately successful campaign and had moments when he was doing well in the polls. However, he didn’t get close enough to the nomination and eventually dropped out of the race. After that, he endorsed Donald Trump in the race for the White House.

Donald Trump Is Considering Ben Carson for HUD

Ben Carson could be part of the next Trump administration. Sources close to the Trump transition team say that Donald Trump is considering Carson for the position of secretary for housing and urban development. Appointing Ben Carson would bring more diversity to the Trump administration. So far, there has already been criticism that the potential nominations that the President-elect has announced are predominantly white men. It has given way to headlines that imply that a certain group of people in society are taking over the White House.

If Ben Carson becomes the head of the HUD he is going to be the first African-American member of the future Trump administration. He would also be a reassuring figure, as most Americans are familiar with him from the days of the Republican primary.

During an interview on Tuesday on Fox News, Ben Carson said that he had received several different offers for positions in the future Trump administration. When asked about the position of secretary of housing and urban development, Carson confirmed the rumors.

 “I would say that it was one of the offers on the table,”

said Ben Carson.

Donald Trump did more to verify the news by commenting about it on Twitter. He said that he was “seriously considering” Ben Carson for head of the HUD. He added that he has gotten to know Carson well, calling the former Republican primary candidate “a greatly talented person”.

The President-elect Casts a Wider Net

Donald Trump is looking at more names for positions in his future cabinet. He has started to consider people from outside of his immediate circle of supporters and advisers. One example of an unlikely nomination is Harold Ford Jr. He is African-American and a former Democrat representative from the state of Tennessee. The Trump transition team is considering him for the position of transportation secretary. However, the process isn’t definite yet. So, there is the chance that Harold Ford Jr. could be offered a different position.

Other names that are on the list of the Trump transition team show a wider range of choices. Michelle Rhee is the former schools chancellor for the District of Columbia. Representative Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat from Hawaii. She is also the first Hindu to become a member of Congress. Also, the governor of South Carolina, Nikki R. Haley is an Indian-American. These names of female politicians and government officials serve to repair a frayed relationship that Donald Trump has with women after a bitter campaign.

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