Below Gets New Launch Window

"Capybara Games Set New Launch Date for Below"

Capybara Games said that Below is scheduled to launch sometime during this summer.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – If you thought that Below will never see the light of day again than think again. During the recent IGF Awards, Capybara Games seized the opportunity to release a new Below gameplay trailer entitles “Death’s Door”. Along with the new trailer, the gaming company also said that Below’s launch window has been set for this summer.

Fans of the ever awaited horror-survival indie game will be thrilled to hear that Capybara Games has set a new launch date for the game. The game was announced at 2013’s E3 convention, and the launch window set for 2014.

However, due to some difficulties, the gaming coming was forced to postpone the launch date several times, to the fans’ despair.

Since then, two years have elapsed, and it seemed that the company kept a closed lid on the whole developing process. Moreover, most gamers thought that the 2014 postponement equaled to a cancelation.

Well, it seems that everybody was wrong about Below’s early demise, and they’ve launched a new gameplay trailer in order to prove it. Moreover, with the new trailer comes a renewed hope that the game will launch.

According to Capybara Games, the Windows and Xbox One versions of the game are set to launch sometime this summer, and this time, it’s for real.

But enough about broken dreams shattered hopes and disdain. Let’s talk turkey.

What the heck is Below?

Below is not your average indie game. According to the studio, Below is a survival-horror action adventure games, whose plot tells the story of a tiny warrior and a mysterious island.

The player’s aim is to explore an unknown island which hides more than meets the eye. Deep beneath the island is a maze filled with dangerous foes, intricate traps, and treasures far beyond human comprehension.

But to achieve his goal, the player must face some pretty nasty enemies, in a battle arrangement that intimately reminds us of the Dark Souls franchise. Capybara said that each combat encounter will be unique and balanced. Moreover, they’ve mentioned something about fights being both tough and fair at the same time.

And now for a little turn-off. Sometime during the game, the players must face the possibility of utter failure, meaning that one battle could make the difference between continuing your trip and starting all over.

It seems that we’re in for quite a trip littered with anger, frustration and the urge to break our controllers.

All in all, the developers promised us a thrilling experience. So, arm yourself with a little more patient because the spam’s about to hit the fan pretty soon.

Without further ado, here’s the new gameplay trailer Capybara Games released during the IGF Awards.

And to see whether the game is worth waiting for or not, here’s another clip about the game’s first 9 minutes.

Photo credits:flickr