Being too Happy might Win you a Trip to the ER

"Being too Happy might Win you a Trip to the ER"

New research points out that even joyous events can cause heart attacks.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Have you ever imagined that being too happy might send you straight to the doctor? Well, as unlikely as it would seem, at first, there is an actual condition that can potentially kill you. Being too happy might win you a trip to the ER instead of the pub.

Takotsubo syndrome, also called the Broken Heart Syndrome, is a rare medical condition which implies the weakening of a heart muscle. The weakened heart muscle, causes the left ventricle to deform at the bottom. Unfortunately, in some instances, the condition is fatal. A damaged heart muscle can increase the patient’s chances of suffering from a crippling heart attack.

It is a known fact that unpleasant events, such as the death of someone dear or an unemployment notice can potentially induce a heart stroke.

But, up until now, the researchers were unsure whether a happy event can trigger the same thing or not.

To see how the disease acts up, a pair of investigators at the University Hospital of Zurich, managed to set up a worldwide registry to keep tabs on this condition. Christian Templin and Jelena Ghadri, laid the foundation of this study back in 2011 and reaped the results at the beginning of 2016.

Five years later, the two scientists brought in more help to study this condition in detail. The registry managed to gather data from 25 hospitals. All in all, the log supplied the scientists with 1750 potential cases of Broken Heart Syndrome.

According to the team, approximately 485 individuals from the group suffered a heart attack due to an emotional jolt. Out of these persons, only 4 percent or 20 people suffered from Broken Heart Syndrome.

Putting the facts together, the scientists managed to identify the reasons why those individuals suffered from Broken Heart Syndrome. According to the team, the disease was triggered by surprise birthday parties, farewell parties, the birth of a grandchild and, of course, the favorite team winning the game.

Fortunately, the condition wasn’t fatal in any of the 20 documented cases. However, after solving the riddle of this rare cardiac condition, the scientists are left with one more mystery. According to their data, approximately 95 percent of all patients who suffer from Broken Heart syndrome are women.

The team is still unsure why the condition resurfaces more in women than in men because men are more prone to heart diseases than women. Some of the researchers have their reasons to believe that estrogen might play a crucial role in the development of the condition. Still, more research is needed to crack open this mystery.

Photo credits:wikipedia